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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Toddlers say the funniest things.

One of my favourite parts of toddlerhood is listening to them talk and expand their vocabularies, trying out new words and their funny little mispronunciations. Clock, is always an interesting one. Similarly, truck can be fun too.

E, at 28 months, is an accomplished talker with a wide vocabulary, and you can have a full two-way conversation with her. Granted, some of it might not be relevant or make any sense (you'll probably be told about Team Umizoomi whether you are interested or not) but she can answer & respond like a real little person now and it is very sweet to hear.

Her brothers were 3 years + when they started talking (J had hearing issues, L's Autism played a part for him and H was just a late talker the same as the Mister was as a tot), but A was an early talker too so it has been quite funny having a little one who chats again, as of course A is now 14!

While being able to chat with E is fun, and makes life easier in terms of communicating wants and needs, it isn't always a good thing. For example, when you are trying to watch something and getting the third degree at the same time... "What's that?", "Who he?", "Where they going Mummy?" and so on.

Also, when they pronounce the word wrong, it puts a whole different spin on an innocent conversation. E cannot say the word "crisps" properly, it sounds like "piss". She often asks for what sounds like "a packet of piss" of a lunchtime, and luckily I can translate what she means if anyone within earshot doesn't know!

So this morning, E came running in to my room and clambered up on the bed. She snuggled up to me and then started snuffling up and down my arm with her nose.

I said "What are you doing, funny girl?" and she replied "Niffin'! I niffin' you!". Bless.

So I said "Why are you niffin' me? What do I smell like?"..


I think we'll be working on that one.


  1. Are you *absolutely* sure she said "crisps"?

    Proper giggling at this - arrived via a retweet from Tots100.


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