Mama OWL Blog: Epic Fun with @BritMums & Cravendale's #EpicStraws

Epic Fun with @BritMums & Cravendale's #EpicStraws

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Are you a bottle burglar? Or a secret slurper?

L & H loved being official Cravendale #EpicStraws inventors and had great fun creating the two sets following the instructions included in the pack, as you can see from our pictures.

They were both very proud of themselves when they had finished building (and luckily we were sent vouchers to stock up on Cravendale milk, because they got through two litres during testing and racing!).

And we even made a few videos of our epic fun with Epic Straws!

^ Collapsing into giggles! ^

^ Take two... ^

^ In all fairness, I think it was actually a draw! ^

You can find out more information about Cravendale's Epic Straws at as of September 24th. Keep a look out for more of our "Adventures in Epic Straws" when we threw away the instructions and designed our own!

In the meantime, watch out for those little bottle burglars...

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