Mama OWL Blog: You've Got The Love I Need To See Me Through

You've Got The Love I Need To See Me Through

Monday, 3 September 2012

Let me start by saying a big thank you to everyone who wished me a happy 30th birthday here and on Facebook & Twitter, I am feeling the love! I have had the most fantastic birthday, honestly, hand on heart the best birthday ever.

Yesterday the Mister and the kids greeted me with breakfast in bed and a nice cup of tea along with a handful of cards (two that H & E had made together, very cute, especially that it was H's idea and he helped E with hers). My mum stopped in to wish me a happy birthday on her way to her hospital appointment, and my dad (who is working away at the moment) called me too.

I was then inundated with text messages, tweets and posts on my timeline throughout the day from all of my family & friends all over the world sending me their heartfelt wishes. It was really touching to be thought of by so many! There is no way I can get round to thanking everyone as there were just so many, so THANK YOU to everyone who messaged me.

After we'd had breakfast and sorted out dinner and dessert for the kids to have while we were gone, we headed off to Bristol to check in to our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Novotel in the city centre which was lovely, it has a stunning reception area and beautiful, clean rooms.

We checked in and left our belongings in our room before taking a walk to Cabot Circus and Broadmead to indulge in some birthday shopping! I'll be completely honest, after a brief walk round The Disney Shop (which was absolutely MANIC) and stopping off for some lunch, we headed to Primark and just spent our allocated shopping time wandering around in there (I'm not posh, I love a bit of Primarni). I picked up some bargains and so did the Mister, now I actually have more than one pair of jeans (considering I have no clothes myself, I seem to do an inordinate amount of laundry... hmm...).

We came back to the hotel and changed, before heading off in to town again for dinner at Flavourz Restaurant & Bar just over the road from the Bristol Hippodrome. It was the Mister's first visit and he thought it was fantastic (as did I) and we enjoyed lots of delicious food until we were in danger of having to be rolled out of there, 'stuffed' doesn't really cover it!

After we had eaten we walked over to the Hippodrome and had a drink in the piano bar while we waited for the 7.30pm performance of Disney's The Lion King. The bar was lovely and all, but £7 for a beer and a Pepsi... No word of a lie.

We got settled in our seats and waited for the show to start, and I have to say it wowed me from the word go - the opening song ('Circle of Life') was just awesome, the costumes were phenomenal and when I wasn't clapping like a mad seal I frequently found myself sitting with my mouth open just in awe of the entire performance. The music and singing, the costumes, the set, the special effects and extras, the ensemble (who were outstanding throughout)... it was just the most wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

The two youngest actors who played Simba & Nala as 'cubs' were fantastic, complete stars in the making with flawless performances. The actors who starred as grown-up Simba & Nala were sensational and were really enjoyable to watch (beautiful singing voices), as were the characters of Mufasa and Sarabi.

I can't forget to mention the brilliant actors who played Timon, Pumbaa and Zazu, who brought the humour to the show and were simply superb but the show was almost stolen by the brilliant performance from Rafiki who kept us laughing and applauding every time she appeared on stage.

The characters of Scar and the hyenas were suitably evil but simply brilliant. Scar was superlative, a real class act.

I cannot recommend The Lion King highly enough, it is running at the Hippodrome until November 17th so if you can, do go and watch it, you won't be sorry. We're planning on going again and taking the children (except E as she is too young, no under 3s are permitted) because we know they will love it.

After our evening at the theatre, we walked back to the hotel and ate Krispy Kremes in bed. It was the perfect end to the most perfect day! I remember the days when 'dinner and a show' would have been a burger at 2am in the chicken takeaway place while watching the drunks fight in the street outside the bars in town, oh how the times have changed!

Sunday morning we had a long lie in (after making the most of having the bed to ourselves... and SLEEPING, without being kicked, led on, and star-fished out of the bed!) and watched some of the Paralympics, before checking out and heading home to pick up my birthday cake and matching cupcakes (Rainbow Brite, vintage 1980s just like me) ready for our celebratory gathering with family in the evening. There was absolutely no way I was making my own birthday cake, and the lady who created mine did an outstanding job, it is a retro work of art!

Over all, I have had a birthday to remember and I am thoroughly looking forward to my thirties, let's hope it has started how it means to go on!

*Disclaimer: All of the above is a recommendation of my personal experience and has all been paid for in full by the Mister and myself out of our own pockets.


  1. DINNER AND A SHOW! That night can't be beaten for pure comedy value.... :-) x

  2. What a fabulous birthday! It's great being 30 :) I was heavily pregnant on my 30th, but I still loved it. Not too long til 40th now...

  3. Haha I agree, that was quite a night! x

    Thank you, it was wonderful! I had such a lovely time. I was pregnant on my 18th & had given birth just a few weeks before my 21st so this one was all the more special as I got to enjoy it to the fullest! x

    Thanks Lara, it is fantastic isn't it! x


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