Mama OWL Blog: What's that coming over the hill? Is it a HEXBUG? [Toyologist Review #1]

What's that coming over the hill? Is it a HEXBUG? [Toyologist Review #1]

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our first items to review from our first fab TRU Toyologist box of goodies are the Hexbug Scarab and the Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat set.

My boys absolutely love the Hexbug advert on television and always sing along if it comes on while they are watching tv (I actually even find myself singing it sometimes, it is so catchy!) and so they were beyond thrilled when we received the Hexbug Scarab and the Hexbug Nano Hive habitat set to review.

The Hexbug Scarab is a small robotic crab-like creature that scuttles around quickly in a very lifelike way (exceptionally creepy for their insect-phobic mum, however absolutely delightful for the boys!). Featuring 16 gears and 1 motor that make the legs move back and forth 1,200 times a minute, the Scarab can also right itself if it falls over by flipping itself back up, and can also change direction when it encounters an object in its way. The Scarab is priced at £14.99 and is recommended from age 8+.

The Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat set was a great accompaniment to the Scarab (although the Scarab is a little too large to move freely in the Hive, this did not stop the boys putting it in with the Nano) and also includes 1 extremely rare Hexbug Nano mutation as well as 16 pegs, 1 seesaw, 16 adjustable flags and 2 merry go rounds to enable you to customise your hive design and layout. The Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat is currently on sale, priced at just £21.54 and is recommended from age 3+.

The hive clips together and can be easily transported with its built-in carry handle and is very compact. It can be used as a stand alone play set or clipped together with other Hexbug Nano Habitat sets.

The design is very simple but makes for hours of fun, the boys thoroughly enjoyed designing layouts for the hive (which creates endless possibilities) and setting the Nano off to scuttle around the multi-level playset. The batteries expired fairly rapidly, however both the Scarab and the Nano did have an exceptional amount of use by L & H as soon as they were opened and I suspect that they could have lasted a little longer had they been left alone for longer than five minutes, such was the boys excitement at their arrival. E & J were also very interested in them, and E will sneak the Hive out to play whenever she can do so without getting rumbled by her brothers!

The boys have asked for more Nanos and Habitats for Christmas and I am sure that we will be adding to the collection.

You can check out all of the reviews by the 2012 Toys R Us Toyologists by visiting the Toys R Us Toybox.

** Disclaimer: Toys R Us sent the Hexbug Scarab and Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat set free of charge to my family to review as part of the 2012 TRU Toyologist program. The views shared are my own honest and personal opinions of the products.

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