Mama OWL Blog: #R2BC - Reasons to be Cheerful... 1, 2, 3

#R2BC - Reasons to be Cheerful... 1, 2, 3

Friday, 21 September 2012

To give you an indication of how manic my week has been... I am a DAY LATE joining in with #R2BC. Those of you who are here every week will know that this never happens. This week, however, it did. Crazy busy. I am exhausted. But, everything is good in the land of me, absolutely no complaints.

Well, apart from one... Thank you so much to everyone who wished my mum well last week, however her surgery was cancelled at literally the last minute. She was packing her bag ready for an early start in the morning and they cancelled it because they found something on her test results that they need investigating before they can continue. She is of course devastated because she is in a lot of pain 24/7. Fingers crossed that they will get this fixed for her soon.

Back to more cheerful and positive things...

1. L was invited to a birthday party! Now I know lots of you take your children to loads of parties. Some even two or three on one weekend, and you are probably wondering why this is a big deal. L has been invited to - I believe - four or five parties. EVER. Not including family parties of course. Part of L's Autism is that he really struggles to make or maintain friendships, and is never invited to parties. He seems to be popular in school, and is liked by the other kids, but never invited anywhere. To me, I have to say this says more about the parents than it does about the children themselves. He is VERY excited and can't wait to go, we have a countdown on the calendar so he can keep track of the days until it is time to go. I'm so pleased for him and hope he enjoys it.

2. It's Friday, this means Fajitas! And we're having family game night tonight to try out one of the fab looking games we received as part of the Toys R Us 2012 Toyologist program. Now we just have to wait for the mister to get home!

3. I've nearly paid up all of my Christmas savings money, so in a couple of months I can go on a spending spree! I started saving on Boxing Day, and buying one or two things here & there in sales throughout the year so I am pretty well organised and looking forward to going out and doing a 'big shop' in November! I'm looking at a balance bike for E for Christmas, Puddy Muddles has them for a special pre-order price of £30 with a year's warranty which is a bargain, I really like the "Oowee" design. I am trying not to get ahead of myself but I do love the festive season and am really looking forward to it!

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  1. ooooh I wish your mum well....I hope your having a fun family night, and enjoy your shopping you can't wait xxx
    have a fab weekend x

    Loving the blog now followingx

  2. Aw I hope L has a fantastic time at his party and enjoy games night woo hoo xx

  3. Sorry to hear you mum is not well, sending her get well wishes, hopefully something can be done for her soon.
    Im sure you son will have a great time at the party.
    It sounds like great fun testing out the games for toys r us.

  4. sorry to hear you mum is not well, sending her get well wishes.
    I'm sure you son will have a great time at the party.
    wow testing out the games for Toys r us sounds like fun. xx

  5. Well I hope your boy has a wonderful time at the party - find it hard to believe that he hasn't been invited to other parties. Yummy - I love fajitas too!

  6. Wow, you are so super organised and putting me to shame! Fantastic R2BCs this week :) I am so pleased for are right that it's the parents, I am sure he is very popular with the other kids. Have a fun weekend x

  7. Sending your Mum well wishes - I hope everything works out okay. I checked here Thursday and saw you hadn't posted for R2BC, I did get a bit worried. ;) Really hope L has a fantastic time. x

  8. Thank you very much for your well wishes, hopefully she will be fixed up and able to get back to a normal life very soon.

    I wish I found it hard to believe, it's so sad because all he wants is friends but it always seems to be just outside his grasp. Hopefully we will find some way to make it work for him in the future.



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