Mama OWL Blog: The night before new term...

The night before new term...

Friday, 7 September 2012

Twas the night before the new term, and all through the house
Not a person was stirring, not even a click of a mouse.
The uniforms were hung on the coat rack with care,
With the knowledge that morning soon would be there.

The kids were all tucked up sound in their beds,
While visions of play time danced in their heads.
And Mum on her phone Facebooked with glee,
tomorrow, after six long weeks, she was free!

The messages flowed on Facebook & Twitter,
of how exciting it was, how so sweet and bitter.
First days at school, and returning for others,
Pulled on the heartstrings of all fathers and mothers.

Mum and dad went to sleep, tired but knowing,
that first thing in the morning it would be time to get going.
Lunches were packed and new shoes lined up ready,
They could barely contain themselves, the excitement was heady.

Bright and early that morning, the kids got up quick,
Teen styling tween's hair, with a comb & a flick.
Down for their breakfast, the four big kids came,
Mum made it then shouted & called them by name!

"Now Alicia! now, Josh! now Logan & Harry!
Eat up your breakfast then there's school bags to carry!
Stand and wait by the porch, don't lean on the wall!
Now come on, get shifting, we'll be late, hurry all!"

Picking up toddler, Mum crossed the road,
big kids ambled after, in back-to-school mode.
They got in to the car and and to school they went,
(Sort of) Eager to learn, full of good intent.

And then quick as a flash, at the school gates we stood,
teen & tween disappeared as fast as they could.
Off to the primary it was time to go after,
In to a playground full of whooping & laughter.

Looking smart in their uniforms, all in black, red and blue,
the boys waited in line, their friends waited too.
Their lunches in hand and bags flung on their back,
Ready to start and get back on track.

The whistle was blown and the kids filed inside,
Off to new classrooms (while some mothers cried).
The parents went home, out through the school gate,
passing the inevitable few who were late.

Back at the car, Dad gave a small sigh,
Toddler strapped in the back, for her siblings she'd cry.
Mum got in the car, and for a few minutes, they sat...
And breathed a sigh of relief... "Thank God for that".


  1. That's really good!! Funny. Talented lady. Sxx

  2. Absolutely fantastic!! Love it! This should be published as a last day of the holidays must read! :)

  3. Really enjoyed reading this! Stopping by from BYOBH bloghop :)

  4. Wow that's brilliant! You are very clever!

  5. I love this! Well done :) I would have no idea how to write a poem!

  6. Fantastic! Well worth the talented x

  7. Ahhh - I love it! Cam over from the Britmums literary roundup :)) x

  8. that is very very cleverly written, could hear me saying in it verse to the well known tune. and as you know with a teen all to quick do they grow up

  9. That is fantastic! So well Written. Itll be our turn tomorrow morning for that back to school feeling. :"(
    linking up with #magicmoments

  10. That is absolutely fantastic!! i am so super impressed honey!

    thanks for linking it up with #MagicMoments

  11. I love this! I am waiting to get a new perspective on the start of term, I am sure it will be different as a parent than as the teacher!


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