Mama OWL Blog: #TheGallery : 8pm

#TheGallery : 8pm

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I don't think that this picture even requires me to write any sort of explanation.

And this isn't every night, I hasten to add before you all sign me up to AA meetings (and we're not talking car breakdown services either) but sometimes, there is nothing quite like a nice glass of wine in the evening after a particularly rubbish day. Or even just after a 'day', actually, sod it, who needs an excuse? Bottoms up!


  1. My evenings often include a glass *cough* bottle. A nice way to relax after a 'day' x

  2. Hmmm..more alcohol, i knew a glass of wine/ vino or vimto would feature a lot in this weeks gallery ;-P

  3. Too right! Us mums deserve it, no other explanation - love it :)

  4. You are able to drink wine at 8pm?! Aren't you still knee deep in kid stuff?! Clearly I am doing something wrong with my bedtime routine.

  5. That does look like a very inviting glass of wine, yes please!

  6. Bottoms up! sometime only alcohol will do!x


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