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Halloween Tricks & Treats

Monday, 29 October 2012

The lovely people from Wilkinsons have sent us some fiendishly fab items to help us enjoy a fun family Halloween here at Chez Mama Owl.

We've got the Happy Halloween bunting, and spooktacular Bat garland up in the kitchen ready for our spooky Halloween family buffet dinner on Wednesday, and the skull head bowl has been filled up with goodies ready to scare any Trick or Treaters brave enough to darken our doorstep!

The kids favourite item was the spooky sweet bowl, with moving skeleton hand that pops out to grab any little fingers that might be looking for a treat!

Note how I still jumped even though I knew it was coming, d'oh! Flashing LED light up eyes and scary sounds all add to the scare factor. It makes it a very effective 'tricky' treat bowl and a great decoration for your Halloween table. The spooky sweet bowl is priced at £13.

H has claimed ownership of the fake scar stickers and is planning on looking suitably spooky as a mummy ready to scare any creepy callers on the night! They look very effective and at only £1 for the pack it's a bargain, we're looking forward to trying those out.

We're not going out Trick or Treating, but the reflective vampire stickers will help anyone venturing out in the dark to 'be seen at Halloween' and help keep your little terrors safe. Only £2 a pack (and currently offered free with a costume), we'll be sticking ours to the boys school bags ready for the coming darker evenings.

Check out the bargains for yourself from Wilkinson's spooky range, and have a fiendishly fun family Halloween!

** Disclaimer: Wilkinson sent the above items free of charge for my family to review. The views shared are my own honest and personal opinions of the products.

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