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Mike the Knight: Galahad the Great

Friday, 5 October 2012

Miss E and I were delighted to review Mike the Knight: Galahad the Great on DVD and enjoy five new fun-filled & exciting adventures with Mike and his friends in the Kingdom of Glendragon.

"As Mike's best friend and trusty steed, Galahad is always there for Mike. In Galahad the Great, Mike is determined to be the best horse trainer in Glendragon. He wants Galahad to look perfect - really knightly! Galahad faithfully wears whatever Mike suggests but the bells on his hooves stop him from "Silent Sneaking" and the new heavy saddle stops him "Tricky Trotting". When it all goes wrong, Mike learns that Galahad looks better and, of course, very handsome, just the way he is!"

E and I really enjoyed these new tales and watching Mike learning how to 'be a knight, do it right'. The programme endeavours to deliver important & good messages to children in an interesting and exciting way. We enjoy watching the series on CBeebies and this DVD is sure to become a firm favourite.

Mike the Knight: Galahad the Great was released on September 24th 2012 and the RRP is £12.99, certificate U. It is available from all good retailers, and

For more information about Mike the Knight you can visit or connect through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

** Disclaimer: We were sent Mike the Knight: Galahad the Great on DVD free of charge for my family to review. The views shared are my own honest and personal opinions of the products.

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