Mama OWL Blog: myStyle Deluxe Charm Bracelets [Toyologist Review #6]

myStyle Deluxe Charm Bracelets [Toyologist Review #6]

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

myStyle Deluxe Charm Bracelets

A and I decided that she and I would do this one together (as always, under the watchful eye of Miss E, who must of course oversee absolutely everything in case she misses something exciting, bless her little heart) and A also decided that she wanted to use it to make a birthday present for her friend.

I'd had a quick glance at the box before opening it, and just thought it was a bead set... Choose different beads, string them on to a bracelet and voila. However on actually opening the box & looking at the instructions we discovered it was quite different, & that you actually have to MAKE the beads too. Surprise! We weren't expecting that, and that will teach me not to read things properly!

So we set about making some beads for A's bracelet, or rather, she did, and didn't let me touch anything. Reading through the booklet we found lots of different ways to design your own beads, complete with full instructions on how to make and bake them ready to wear.

There was a comprehensive list of ways to create your own beads and charms included, along with the list of box contents. You can create 40 beads and 2 bracelets with the kit that is included.

You're given a lot of little bits like eyelets and split rings to create the beads & charms but only one dowel rod (which is used to make the hole in the middle of your bead, & to add the eyelets), I think it could probably have done with at least two because it gets a bit 'clogged' after you have made one or two beads. It's easy enough to wipe down between uses, but an extra one would have been preferable.

It's a simple designing process but can be a little fiddly, this is certainly one for the older kids and definitely needs adult help. A is 14 & very capable of doing this on her own but for the younger ones, parental assistance will probably be required during the making, and of course definitely during the baking! A noticed that the clay dyed her hands a little, but the colouring washed off easily just with soap & water.

A really enjoyed using the different methods of bead designing and she came up with some really great designs for her bracelet to make something unique and original for her friend.

We both agree that this is a fab little kit and will make a great present for Christmas for crafty kids who enjoy making and designing, and is also nice as something for parent & child to do together. Provided the child lets you... Which mine did not.

Simple to use and good value for money in our opinion. myStyle Deluxe Charm Bracelets will be available from Toys R Us in time for Christmas.

** Disclaimer: We were sent myStyle Deluxe Charm Bracelets by Toys R Us free of charge for my family to review as part of the 2012 TRU Toyologist program. The views shared are my own honest and personal opinions of the products.


  1. My kid would love that, she's probably way too young for it (4) but she'd still enjoy making the beads.

  2. It was fun! Well, what I was allowed to do anyway! She really enjoyed it


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