Mama OWL Blog: #R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

#R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Here we are again, #R2BC Thursday, week 40!

The lovely Michelle from Mummy From The Heart is off to Ethiopia next week with and has asked me to host the linky in her absence, so please visit me next Thursday to link up and keep the blog hop going while Mich is away doing wonderful things with #ONEmums. I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back, Michelle.

On with this week's #R2BC...

1. Our second box from Toys R Us arrived for the 2012 Toyologist program that we were fortunate enough to be chosen for, and it is wonderful! So many great things, the children are thrilled and we have had fun trying some of them out already. Yesterday you'd have been lucky to make it out of my house without having been nailed in the face with a Nerf dart or scalped by the Air Hog. I still have a couple of reviews from box one to complete so I have a busy weekend ahead, but what a problem to have, a busy weekend of having fun playing with toys with the kids! It's been such a great opportunity and I am really enjoying it.

2. Halloween is coming! I adore Halloween, carving pumpkins, making toffee apples, decorating spooky cakes and gingerbread skeletons, apple bobbing... We also watch "scary" (!) Disney Halloween films and the kids dress up in their costumes and answer the door to hand out sweeties to the odd ToTer we may get. I personally am not a fan of going out trick or treating, so having our own little party at home is the best way to keep everyone happy, and this way we don't have to trudge around in the dark & cold either! Win/win.

3. Our appointment to see a specialist with L was yesterday, and I had hoped that it was going to give us some answers about his condition - whatever it is (physical, not his ASD) - with results of the MRI that he had IN MAY (yes, still no results from that), however I was extremely disappointed to find out that it was yet another review, with yet another new doctor that we had never met before. You're wondering why this is a reason to be cheerful, I know. I'm getting to it!

Well, while I was rather pissed off to learn that it wasn't results or answers (and to be fair I still am because there is no need for it to take this long) the consultant that we met was very nice, and very helpful, and very apologetic when we told her that she was at least the ninth (no exaggeration) specialist we had seen and that we STILL don't know what is going on. She has promised us that she will get things back on track, and to help us find out what is going on with our boy. So, we at least have something happening now, and hopefully one day very soon we will at last find out what we need to know. Fingers crossed.


  1. What a lovely weekend to have planned! Followed by weekends preparing for Halloween fun! I am in agreement with you - I much prefer to host something for Halloween where all the children can be supervised in the warm. I really hope that this consultant can back up what they have said about getting things back on track. Why on earth can they not have the results back from an MRI taken five months ago when they can email an x-ray in 60 seconds nowadays. I know a friend of mine is having a similar problem getting results of her sons, she has been for 3 appointments so far and when she has arrived nothing more can be said / assertained until they are back. Ridiculous. You just have to keep fighting with all of these things, but boy, I know it's exhausting. (PS. Just joined your book website - love it!)

  2. I am looking forward to Halloween this year!!
    I really hope you get some answers regarding L soon, I can only imagine how frustrated you are!! *hugs* x

  3. I hope that you find out what's going on soon. It must be difficult waiting so long for news.

    Must be wonderful to be a Toyologist although hard work, we applied too *sob* - Christmas come early!!

    We love Halloween too and like you have a party with some friends round to play games :) x

  4. Wow good luck with the test results and hope they all come soon. I totally agree with you about Halloween!

  5. I hope you get some answers from the consultant soon, well done for finding a positive out of a difficult situation.

    And yay for Halloween, I love it! x

  6. Lovely reasons - I look forward to reading about your Halloween plans, I love it too. :) Good luck to L with everything, I hope answers are found soon. Have a fun (and hopefully safer!) weekend.

  7. I need to get into the Halloween spirit, can't wait to buy a pumpkin! Hope you get somewhere this time around with L. Can't wait to see what toys you got. Shame they weren't for E's age - bit more my cup of tea ! x

  8. Good luck to L with everything, and I hope that answers are found soon, I cant imagine what it must be like to wait for news! Have a great weekend x

  9. Good luck with the results xxx have a fab weekend xxx

  10. Fab reasons - I can't wait for Halloween, my first with an extra mini person in the house! Can't wait to dress her up in something ridiculous lol ;) And good luck wit all the for reviews :) exciting xxx

  11. Loving our box 2 too! Halloween fab once get passed the begging aspect ;-) good luck with consultant

  12. I hope that you get some answers soon. Glad to hear that the specialist was helpful at least. Have fun with your Halloween preparations!

  13. Wow I bet your kids are chuffed with the toys! So sorry to hear that you're still waiting for a diagnosis. The wait must be agonising, not to mention frustrating :( I managed to finally link up this week, will endeavour to visit your next week and get in a little earlier!

  14. I can't wait until halloween. My little girl is SO excited about getting dressed up and going trick or treating.


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