Mama OWL Blog: #R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

#R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Thursday all, here we are again. I hope everyone who is on half term is having a good week and that you all had a happy & safe Halloween! Pity it absolutely CHUCKED it down last night, we didn't have a single ToTer call! Better luck next year :)

On with this week's #R2BC, hosted by its lovely creator Michelle at Mummy From The Heart, be sure to pop across & have a read and maybe link up & share!

1. We had a fab Halloween. We ended up with more people coming round for dinner than I had bargained for (the joys of having sisters who invite themselves round ;) ha) but luckily there was plenty of food and everyone ate well. Unfortunately there are still a couple of cakes left, I need to get rid of those sharpish because they beg me to eat them every time I walk past... We didn't get any trick or treaters like I said, but the kids dressed up and we carved our pumpkins, ate some sweets, baked cakes (we had chocolate mud cake with fondant autumnal leaves and pumpkins, and vanilla cupcakes decorated with a night sky, and chocolate spiderwebs) and made toffee apples and then watched some scary movies, it was a lovely evening and we got to stay inside where it was warm and dry (which suited me down to the ground!).

2. I've really enjoyed this half term. Everything has been mad busy recently but this week has been relatively calm in comparison. I'm looking forward to a long weekend at home with the kids before they go back to school on Monday, getting uniforms and homework up together and then a calm start to the last term before Christmas, which is NEXT MONTH. Eek! So excited.

3. I'm busy getting H's birthday party sorted for the end of the month. He's decided on a bowling party so I've booked up the venue, made his invitations and now I just need to get them printed so they can be handed out when he goes back to school next week. I can't believe he's going to be 7! I remember when he was at nursery I would go and pick him up, then he'd scoot off down the hill and we'd stop in the shop so he could choose a "mazagine" and get a snack to go with his lunch. After lunch we'd snuggle and read some books or watch a movie before the big kids got home from school. He still likes his snuggles now, it doesn't matter how old he gets, he'll never be too big for mummy cuddles :)

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?


  1. Fab costumes, sounds like you had a great evening, the cakes look yummy too, have a fab weekend xx

  2. Glad you had a wonderful half term.... It's gone so quick..enjoy the weekend before the rush begins x

  3. Great reasons! It sounds like you all had a brilliant Halloween. We didn't get many trick or treaters so had a spooky family night in too :) x

  4. Your Halloween sounds fantastic! I'm really impressed by your chocolate spiderwebs! Enjoy the remaining days of half term, and have a great week. :)

  5. Lovely reasons to be cheerful! Look at your babies, they all look so grown up, aww. I've really enjoyed this half term as well =) x

  6. sounds a lovely way to spend Halloween and the holidays!

  7. Thank you very much everyone :) I do love Halloween, great excuse to get creative and enjoy a cosy evening in! x

  8. Sounds like a fabulous Halloween.
    Hope the birthday goes well. My son turned 7 yesterday.

  9. I love it that the little ones are never too big for snuggles, enjoy this week. Mich x


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