Mama OWL Blog: TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Split Pots... TOTALLY yummy.

TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Split Pots... TOTALLY yummy.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I'm not a big yoghurt person admittedly, I indulge now and then but normally the kids decimate any stock of yoghurts that might be in the fridge so I don't get a look in anyway.

I was contacted by a lovely lady from TOTAL and invited to attend what sounded like a fantastic dancing Master class in London. Unfortunately due to distance and the children with school etc I was unable to make it and had to decline, but to my delight I was offered the opportunity to taste test their TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Split Pots instead.

The delivery arrived fresh from the supermarket, luckily the children were at school so I managed to try one out first before they nabbed them all. I received a selection of each flavour, and I chose the yummy looking TOTAL 0% Split Pot with Honey to try first.


I will be completely honest - and shatter any illusions that I am in any way lady-like - and say that I basically inhaled it, it was DIVINE. The Blueberry flavour was equally as delicious. Unfortunately the children found them (I have decided that I need my own secret fridge) and I only got to try those two flavours, but I have been reassured by the kids that the Strawberry and the Raspberry & Pomegranate flavours were fantastic too.

TOTAL Yoghurts are thick & creamy, and best of all 100% natural meaning additive and preservative free, which makes them an ideal afternoon snack for the kids when they come in from school absolutely ravenous (and descend on my kitchen like locusts) or as an after dinner treat for me. I have even had to use a stock photo from their website for this review (in addition to the Honey one that I ate), that was how fast the children went through our review pots.

A big thumbs up from the Mama Owl household, great PR and great product.

** Disclaimer: TOTAL sent a selection of their TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Split Pots free of charge for my family to review. The views shared are my own honest and personal opinions of the products.

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