Mama OWL Blog: Decking the halls, Mama Owl style

Decking the halls, Mama Owl style

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas is coming, our decorations are now up and we're all getting in to the festive spirit. Mummy2Five has made these fantastic salt dough Santa hand prints and has inspired me to give them a go myself, so we will be making those sometime as the big day approaches to add to our Christmas decs, and which will also make lovely keepsakes.

Our living room is decorated in teal/duck egg blue, chocolate brown and gold and has been almost since we moved in nine years ago, we just freshen up the paint and change accessories every so often to jazz it up a little. Our Christmas decorations all match the wallpaper, and this week I also found a fab 5 pack of glittery rattan stars to hang in the windows which complement our colour scheme beautifully (just don't look out of the window at our winter-neglected garden!).

As the years have gone on a few of the baubles have ended up stringless, so we now use them to fill up a wooden bowl on the sideboard to make a decorative display. We also have two metal glittery statues in the back window, one a Christmas tree and the other a reindeer, and plain white fairy lights strung around the front window (secured with suction hooks).
After the tree is up, I wrap the tinsel around it and then the children add all of the baubles and ornaments including those that they have made in previous years, as well as some candy canes and little gold bows & poinsettias at the ends of the branches to finish it off. It was H's turn to put the Angel on the top this year. The kids chose the movie Elf to watch when we were done, and most of us (A & J sloped off to use the laptop & PC) snuggled up under blankets to watch it together by fairy light, it was lovely and has really gotten us all into the festive spirit.

Are your Christmas decs up yet? Do you stick to a colour scheme or theme?


  1. Looks SO pretty! I love those stars in teh window!!! Our tree is in red, green and silver this year. I so wanted to do purple and silver but I was out voted, haha. xx

    1. Thank you! They were such a bargain and match perfectly. We've stuck to this colour scheme for years, probably will until we change the living room decor, which won't be for the foreseeable! X


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