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#CountryKids from @CoombeMill

Saturday, 29 December 2012

As you're all aware, it was Christmas week. Therefore, we really haven't been out as we have been busy preparing for the arrival of Father Christmas! We baked, ate, watched movies, played games, napped, snuggled and generally just enjoyed each others company in the comfort of our own home.

Next week we'll be getting out and about as there are bikes and scooters to be ridden, hopefully by then it will have stopped raining and we can enjoy some time out in the great outdoors before the children go back to school on the 8th.

So this week for #CountryKids I share with you our annual Christmas Eve activity of decorating our gingerbread house. Following an idea nabbed from many fellow bloggers on Instagram who were using the same method to make tree decorations, this year I made our house with the addition of heart shaped stained glass windows made from boiled sweets.

The kids got stuck in decorating with chocolate buttons, smarties, marshmallows and fruit gums amongst other bits & pieces and we ended up with a very beautiful and very tasty house indeed.


  1. We were supposed to make a gingerbread house but the time just ran away with us! Love the look of yours though and I hope you do manage to get out doors with those lovely scooters next week.

  2. I will attempt one of these one day! Yours looks great.

  3. i was going to make one of these but ran out of time. yours looks fab and what a lovely tradition to uphold each year x

  4. I've still never got around to making one - yours looks fab

  5. Cool house! Yours is much more tidy and pretty than ours, it looked like someone had spilled sweets over it.

  6. Lovely house, wish I could do one!


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