Mama OWL Blog: Tin Can Tealight Holder

Tin Can Tealight Holder

Friday, 7 December 2012

A & I have been watching Super Scrimpers on television recently, and we spotted this crafty idea that we thought looked like fun.

Tin Can Tealight Holder

You'll need:
1 tin can
1 tealight/small candle

1. Wash and dry your tin can thoroughly, I put ours through the dishwasher and it came up nice and shiny.
2. Fill your tin can with water, and then place carefully in the freezer until it is frozen solid (you need to do this to ensure it retains its shape during the next step!).
3. When it is frozen, set it on its side on a towel and mark out your shape with a pen, A chose to do a heart.
4. Using a hammer and nail, very carefully hammer little dots all around your shape to mark the outline. We did our design on both sides.
5. When your design is marked out, melt the ice in your tin can (standing under running warm water achieves this quickly) and then dry your tin can.
6. Pop in a tealight or candle, and enjoy the ambience.


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