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Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

Friday, 7 December 2012

I have really big hair. Thick, curly and very long, if I don't take the time to 'fix' it when I get up in the morning then I run the risk of looking like Sideshow Bob. Being a busy mum of five, I don't always have the time to stand there straightening it on a daily basis, and so I was delighted to have the opportunity to review hair accessories from Stone Bridge for the days that I really just need to tie it up and run.

Stone Bridge luxury hair accessories have a stunning range of barrettes, clips, combs, sticks, claws, clamps and much more besides. There is something for everyone, and they even offer a consultation service to help you choose the best accessories for your hair type.

With my hair being as thick & long (almost touching the small of my back after a couple of inches off recently) as it is, I was recommended the Classic Extra Large Barrette. I have worn this clip almost every day since it arrived and it is fantastic. Most barrettes I struggle to clip around my hair after it has been wound up, but this design fits beautifully and hasn't let me down once, it stays in place all day and does not become loose or fall out half way through my day.

My hair is twisted twice up and round in this picture, and there is no strain on the clip whatsoever. It is a beautiful design, available in several different colours and is priced at £30. All Stone Bridge hair accessories also come with a 28 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Stone Bridge also have a stunning range of hair accessories which would complement your Christmas occasion wear beautifully, such as the Estiva Swarovski Barette. It is simply breathtaking, an Italian Swarovski crystal encrusted barrette with a French steel clasp, which comes presented in a beautiful gift bag.

I absolutely fell in love at first sight with it, as did A who has begged me to allow her to wear it for her prom when the time comes (she was blessed with the same hair as me... Blessed, cursed - however you want to look at it!). I will be keeping the Estiva safely tucked away, as it will make a beautiful family heirloom. I would love nothing more than for my daughters to wear it on their wedding days, and then for them to pass on to their own children.

The Estiva Swarovski Barette is priced at £82 and is also covered by the 28 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, it is a show stopping piece that will make a beautiful addition to any special outfit, and a wonderful keepsake to pass down the generations (psst... it would also make a great gift for the lady in your life this Christmas!).

I received complimentary hair accessories from Stone Bridge for review purposesThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.


  1. Are they really that good for thick hair?! I'm going to have to investigate. I've got such thick hair that most barrets I can only put half my hair into. If I could get one that does all my hair it would be life changing (well maybe not, but I'd be excited)

    1. Honestly, brilliant. I've got my hair twisted twice and the clip fits around it no problem, no strain on the clip & no 'pinging' open or falling loose!


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