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Mama Owl's Big Fat Review of the Year

Monday, 31 December 2012

In January we welcomed 2012 with much hope & anticipation. Reading my post from the beginning of the year I see have spent the year doing things I said I wasn't going to, and when I raised my glass to 2013 in my previous post I have said I am not going to do it again. This time, I'm not. My health & well-being for the five people who rely on me is more important than anything else and things have to change.

February we celebrated J's 11th birthday with a big football cake, and unfortunately that was when I was also taken ill. My health scare didn't stop us enjoying Pancake day though, and all of the yumminess that came with it. I also shared what my children mean to me to raise awareness for CLIC Sargent's #dosomethingyummy campaign.

In March, the Mister and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary, and as a family we enjoyed a day at Lackham & saw all of the newborn lambs. I also made the shortlist for the BritMums Brilliance In Blogging Fresh Voice award which was a huge honour and one I am very proud of. The Mister and I took L for another hospital appointment, this time with a neurologist and were still no closer to finding out what was going on with his legs and spine.

At the beginning of April the Mister and I took the kids off on a weekend break to Torquay which was fantastic and we had such a brilliant time. We visited Woodlands Family Theme Park, Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts Torquay which are great family days out and we can't wait to go back again some time. I also found out I was nominated for a MAD Blog Award for best new MAD blog and best MAD craft blog which was another massive honour and I am honoured to have been nominated alongside so many other great blogs. To top off a fab month we also celebrated E's 2nd birthday with a Peppa Pig House cake and some family round for tea.

May rolled around and we anxiously awaited L's MRI appointment, which unfortunately clashed with the week away that the Mister had arranged for me following my hospital stay in Feb. I spent a week in Lanzarote with my best friend recharging my batteries and having a rest in the sunshine which was fabulous and much needed. Olympic fever swept the country that month and I took the kids to go and see the Olympic Torch as it passed through town which was a bit of a mission in the end after sensory overload for L but we couldn't pass up the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see it. The boys also started swimming lessons and have become quite accomplished little swimmers in the few months since.

In June I recounted my pregnancy experiences and remembered the best and worst bits of being a mum-to-be and also wondering why it was so hard to find some decent pants. I also had a revelation that actually, I'm not really that fat and need to stop being so hard on myself. I sat and reflected on what it was like being L's mum, what my hopes are for him and how it is for us living with Autism. The kids and I celebrated Father's Day and treated the Mister to a homemade, hand decorated cake, and remembered my Grampy a year to the day that he passed away. I shared the universal laws of sod that apply in my house, and enjoyed a family get-together for our annual Father's Day BBQ.

Welcome July, and I unfortunately got sucked into the hype that was 50 Shades of Grey. It was 50 shades of something all right, but Grey wouldn't be my first choice of word. I took a look back five years and realised how much my kids have grown up, and reflected on the day that I became a mother as we celebrated A's 14th birthday. I thought about J and how he was growing up and moving up to senior school. We also got some decorating done and revamped some of the upstairs rooms, and I considered what vomit can do to change your perspective.

August arrived and I told everyone how proud I was to be a selfish mum and invited you all to walk a mile in my shoes. As the Olympics & Paralympics were in full swing I asked what we were doing to inspire a generation. I also shared an experience of the joys of potty training. We celebrated L's 9th birthday with some moshi monster birthday cupcakes and a visit to Paulton's Park, and also took off to the beach for the day to enjoy the summer while it lasted. At the end of the month we celebrated the Mister's birthday, and I was selected to be a Toys R Us 2012 Toyologist which was just the most fun experience and such a great opportunity to review some wonderful toys and games.

On September 1st I turned 30 and to celebrate, the Mister and I headed off to Bristol for a spot of lunch & shopping, we watched the breathtaking The Lion King at the theatre, and spent the night in a hotel where we made the most of having the bed to ourselves and slept without getting kicked in the face or having a toddler lying across our necks. The kids went back to school and L surprised me & filled me with pride by eating something not on his preferred list. I also realised I needed to work with E on some of her toddler pronounciations and asked WHY? As well as sharing some of my wants.

October was a quieter time, another hospital appointment with L to review his treatment, I summed up what being a mum means to me to help raise awareness for ONEMums and shared a spooky spider web cheesecake recipe, perfect for Halloween, to go with our tips for a fun & freaky family Halloween! Then I had a think and listed all of the things that really grind my gears but also shared our happiness as we welcomed a brand new niece in to the family.

Along came November, and yet another hospital appointment for L where we were told that he would be having serial casting on both legs to try and stretch his hamstrings out, to help him walk better and to lessen the pressure on his hips. I went with A & a friend to go and watch the new Twilight Saga movie, Breaking Dawn Pt 2 at the midnight showing, and we all enjoyed a Bowling party to celebrate H's 7th birthday with all of his school friends, and had some Deadly 60 cupcakes. We started preparing for Christmas with our most wanted gift list and our Christmas meal plan, and the month was rounded off by the beginning of L's serial leg casting.

Finally it was December, Christmas was coming and we had so much planned, in addition to our weekly hospital visits for L's casting. Firstly, L & H got to meet Steve Backshall personally along with the Mister at the book signing in Bristol, I am still sulking that I had to miss out but it was amazing for them and they still go on about it now (the Mister mostly to rub my nose in it).  We decorated the house ready for the festive season and A made some Christmas gifts for friends while I made some edible gifts for teachers. We all caught the dreaded Norovirus and spent weeks suffering from it in relay but that didn't stop us enjoying our Christmas traditions when we were all better. I also reflected on how grateful I am to have my children safe with me after the devastating tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. I wished you all a merry Christmas, and enjoyed a wonderful time with my family & loved ones, and invited you to join my #50Books2013 challenge.

And then, finally, I have raised my glass to you all, shared some thoughts about what I want for myself and family in 2013, and wished you a happy new year. Have a fun and safe evening, whatever you're doing and whoever you're spending it with. Lots of love and my best wishes to you and yours x


  1. You certainly had an eventful year. Wishing all best in 2013


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