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Mama Owl's #FestivePlaylist

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas time is upon us once again and many of us will be attending parties or heading out for drinks with friends, or enjoying a glass or two at home with family. Coca-cola have teamed up with BritMums to let people know about their special designated driver program, to promote the positive role that soft drinks can play as an alternative to alcohol. If you are the designed driver this Christmas, you can use Coca-Cola's interactive pub finder and find places that offer 2-for-1 Coke and Diet Coke to enjoy while you are out with friends.

To help promote Coca-Cola's campaign, I'm taking part in this #FestivePlaylist linky and sharing with you my top five favourite festive tunes.

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas

I'm sorry, I know it's cheesy... But it isn't Christmas unless you've tunelessly belted out a bit of Mariah Carey under the mistaken impression that you sound anything like her. Unless you're me, because I of course do. (BTW... All the Mister wants for Christmas is earplugs).

The Pogues - Fairytale of New York

This song never fails to make me laugh, who doesn't love a Christmas song that involves the word 'scumbag'? An absolute Christmas classic and right up there as a favourite of mine.

Wham! - Last Christmas

Last Christmas (okay, a few Christmases ago) I gave this song my heart and it's never given it away. The video alone is reason enough to love this song. The hair... the jumpers... Utter brilliance.

Bing Crosby - White Christmas

As inaccurate as it is (I would never dream of a white Christmas, that would be more like a nightmare for a snow hater like me), there is just something beautiful and magical about this song. The classics are always the best and there is nobody quite like Bing, except for...

Frank Sinatra - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

This song reminds me of my Grampy, and on our second Christmas without him I will be listening to this and remembering him & my Nan when I light their candle on Christmas Eve.

Make sure you have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year, don't drink and drive. Designate your driver, and check out the Coca-Cola campaign to find your nearest participating pub. Holidays are coming!

This post is my entry for the BritMums #FestivePlaylist linky.


  1. Thanks for entering and reminding me of songs I like. Commenting for BritMums


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