Mama OWL Blog: A Mum's Buyer's Remorse

A Mum's Buyer's Remorse

Saturday, 2 February 2013

This morning I was riffling through my pants drawer (that's underwear to you Americans - undercrackers, p a n t i e s, l i n g e r i e, under g a r m  e n t s, apple catchers... Whatever you want to call them) and realised - literally - what a load of old pants it is that I feel guilty when I buy things for myself, because several of my pants have ACTUAL HOLES IN. And I don't mean in the purposely c r o t c h l e s s sense either you lot, I mean just because they're old & rubbish.

When I spot something with a hole in belonging to the kids it either gets binned (if it needs it), repaired (if possible) or repaired & sent to the 'outdoor playing clothes' box. Or just binned. Things are replaced, new things are bought when needed (and sometimes when not needed), I would never let them out of the front door looking anything less than clean & tidy. Sometimes the Tweens manage to slip past me (never teen, who is so vain she probably thinks this post is about her), particularly L who has his favourite clothes, but 9 times out of 10 they have been checked over by my eagle eyes before they leave the house.

Me? To be honest you're lucky if I have managed to brush my hair before I get out of the door. If my hair is up, with rather a lot of bobby grips fashioning it in to a pretendy style... Chances are I couldn't find a hairbrush & this was the next best option. If my clothes are snot/food/mud/vomit free, then you have caught me on a good day.

I mill around my favourite shops, picking up bargains in the sales for the kids. If I spot something for myself that I like while surfing online, I talk myself out of it. I'll go back later and do a pretend virtual shop, I'll add it to my basket. Then I X the screen. Later on, I'll do a search and see if I can find a discount voucher or promo code. I'll go back to the site, do another virtual shop, add it to the basket again. I'll leave the screen up and visit a different site in a new tab. I'll look back at my shopping basket. I'll see if they accept Paypal (I occasionally have a tenner languishing in there). I'll search again for promo codes. Eventually I may buy it. When it arrives, I try it on. Then decide I don't like it/it's not worth the money/I don't like the fit and I send it back, or I keep it but feel guilty for at least a week.

I don't even give a second thought to buying shoes, clothes, coats, bags or whatever for the kids. Not a single moment do I second guess myself and wonder if I should buy it. My thought process for buying for the kids (or indeed for the Mister) is - do I need this? do I want this? do I have the money for this? And then I buy it. No umm-ing, no ahh-ing, just done. I don't fret over it afterwards either.

I am going to buy myself some pants. And I am not going to feel guilty. I will not feel bad for buying pants so I don't have to wear ones that have holes in. I will repeat this until it is true.

Does anyone else suffer from this Mum's buyer's remorse? Or is it just me with holey pants?


  1. I'll be honest, I really don't suffer from this. I buy my kids loads and I'll still make time for myself. I spent so long NOT looking after myself so I make sure I do now and it helps me feel like ME and just mum-me (see what i did there heh heh) but yet.. my underwear drawer sucks.. :-/ ha.

  2. Haha I did indeed, excellent word play, chum ;)

    I wish I didn't, I know I shouldn't but I just can't shake it! X

  3. LOL. I am so glad I am not the only one! I am the same!! I so need new underwear and infact new clothes. I always say to myself "The kids have enough clothes, MORE than they need. I'll by myself something next week" I never do. I'll see something for the kids instead LOL. So yeah, I totally understand, lol.
    (I see what you did with the "never teen, who is so vain she probably thinks this post is about her" I have the Carly Simon stuck in my head now LOL!!) xx

  4. Yep, that is me to a 'T'. I could certainly do with a few more items of clothes and absolutely some new underwear, if I manage it it will be a miracle ;) x

  5. I am EXACTLY the same. Don't skip a beat buying stuff everyone else needs and will even buy treats for them that aren't essential but just oh-so-cute. My hairdryer is on its last legs and going to electrocute me any day. Do I buy a new one? Even with Nectar points? Nuh uh.

  6. My main shop is my mother wardrobe. If you see me looking been remotely tidy then I can guarantee its hers lol x

  7. Oh god aye, I've needed new underwear since Aiden was born but have I bought any a year on? Nope. Xo

  8. Lucy, I'm glad it's not just me!

  9. Pants are always at the bottom (badoom-tish) of my shopping list for me too, because nobody else has to see me wearing them so I think it doesn't matter lol x

  10. I'm exactly the same. My clothes are old and holey (sewing them back together weekly it seems) but I still feel awful if I buy something for myself instead of the kids..even though they have loads of stuff lol x

  11. Lol. I have four kids and have found my undie drawer in the same state. It is definetly a sad fact that mothers in general come last in our own minds. I will be treating myself to a few essentials this week and perhaps will manage to imagine a moment where I am fine with that.


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