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Pet Cremation Services in Wiltshire

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

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Now that we have welcomed Florence (or Flo as she is more often called, that and 'naughty puppy!') into our home, I really understand how a pet is more than just a dog or cat, but a real member of the family. Flo's a real little character, and has managed to outsmart us and sneak past the "puppy excluder" (rolled up towel behind the stairgate) at the bottom of the stairs during the night so she can come up & get on to our bed. For the last two mornings in a row we have found her curled up at our feet, she's settled in to our hectic family life well and is loved to bits by us all.

After we brought her home I went about arranging her pet insurance, joining a Vet's practice and setting up her health care plan for vaccinations and health checks. We went out and bought her a bed, some food and toys and made sure our home was ready for her arrival, and I also thought about the future - although a long way off - and about what we would do if anything happened to her.

In Bradford on Avon is the wonderful Charlie's Parlour. Owned by Paul & Rob, Charlie's Parlour is the only APPCC approved Private Pet Cremation Service in Wiltshire. They guarantee the individual cremation of pets and companion animals and give your pet the dignified send off it deserves, because after all - pets are family too.

In the same way that you think about health care options for your pet, it is worth considering their end of life care and the arrangements that can be made following their passing, and also to know that you do not have to leave your beloved pet with the Veterinarian. Paul and Rob offer a wide range of services including collection of your pet from your home or Vet's practice for cremation, as well as life casting and commissioned sculptures of your pet, or sandblasted pebbles personalised with your pet's name to mark their final resting place.

pet cremation services in Wiltshire
Like Charlie's Parlour on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to read their touching stories and many customer testimonials. If the worst should happen, know that the very best of care is available for your pet in death as it was in life, and send them off with the dignity they deserve.

** Disclaimer: I have received no payment for this post and it has not been sponsored. The views shared are my own honest and personal opinions of the services provided by Charlie's Parlour following my own research as a pet owner.


  1. Absolutely worthwhile doing your research way beforehand, the loss of a pet is very much like losing a family member. I think it's really lovely to be thinking of her health and also of her future... What a gorgeous little pup!

    1. It is, I had no idea that there were other options besides the vet to deal with that sort of thing after the loss of a pet. I think a private pet cremation service is a wonderful concept and a much better option for people dealing with the loss of a four legged family member! Thank you, Flo is very much our baby we love her to pieces :)

  2. I think pet cremation is becoming a widely adopted and dignified manner of memorializing a loved pet. The portability aspect is also nice in the event that you move, you don’t have to leave your pet and those memories buried in a former yard that you won’t be able to return.


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