Mama OWL Blog: 25 Years of Comic Relief - #GoodWork with #TeamHonk

25 Years of Comic Relief - #GoodWork with #TeamHonk

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Red noses at the ready, believe it or not Comic Relief celebrates a honking 25 years of #GoodWork today. The first ever Red Nose Day was held on February 5th 1988 and to mark the occasion Comic Relief would like to highlight the progress in Africa and the difference money raised by the public has made to projects both in Africa and the United Kingdom.

Bloggers Annie, Tanya and Penny will be visiting four projects on 4th & 5th February in Ghana to see for themselves the difference the money has made, and will be blogging and live tweeting their experiences to enable others to follow their progress. Visit for more information.

Comic Relief 1995
Way back in March 1995 a friend and I sat in a bath of tomato soup (which was kindly donated by ASDA) in the hall during a lunch hour at school, we were sponsored & raised more by inviting people to tip a tin of soup over our heads at 10p a go. It was revolting, and we were both orange for days but it felt great to do something to help the cause. I'm the one in the red t-shirt!

I always watch the Comic Relief programme without fail, and I am so deeply moved by all of the stories shared, I often spend the entire night in tears. There are many ways that you can get involved and help raise awareness and money for Comic Relief.

Britmums are hosting a #goodwork Twitter party at 11am today, you can join in and help spread the word, and Mumsnet are having a Google Hangout with #TeamHonk at 12.30pm live from Ghana.

Reading and social sharing is a great way to raise awareness and highlight the cause, using hashtag #goodwork on Twitter you can follow #TeamHonk and share tweets & posts from @mammasaurusblog, @aresidence and @mummybarrow, keep an eye out for the digital postcards!

You can also follow Comic Relief on their social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Join in the FUN-raising and get involved, do something funny for money and share it online, help raise money and awareness for Red Nose Day 2013.



  1. Love your tomato soup picture! I'm always giving out cash, but have never done something funny for money!

  2. Thanks so much for your support of #TeamHonk. It has been epic.

    Love that pic!!! Haha... brilliant

  3. Thank you Sarah, it was so gross but so much fun to do! x

  4. You are very welcome, it has been an honour to get involved with #TeamHonk & #GoodWork and I am looking forward to seeing what fun-raising ideas are going to be springing up in the next few weeks! x


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