Mama OWL Blog: #CountryKids with @CoombeMill

#CountryKids with @CoombeMill

Saturday, 16 February 2013

We have enjoyed a couple of really beautiful days weather-wise this half term, yesterday being one of them.

We spent the day at my parents house and E & H made the most of the warm sunshine playing outside in the playground and on the bikes & coupe car!


  1. What nice play equipment your parents have for them, so good for the children to be out in the sunshine. Thanks for linking to Country Kids.

  2. I hope this weather stays! I love the pics :) xx

  3. pictures are fab :-) looks like the kids had lots of half term fun x

  4. Yeah nice to be able to enjoy some sunny weather!

  5. That climbing frame looks brilliant. lovely to get out in the sun x

  6. Wow, have they got one of those fabulous Little Tykes climbing frames? How cool!

    Nipping over from Country Kids.

  7. What amazing play equipment your folks have! I so need to get my hands on some stuff like that... although I'm feeling a bit selfish about my currently very adult garden being taken over by toddler paraphernalia... ho hum #lifewithkids x


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