Mama OWL Blog: Family Movie Review - Hotel Transylvania

Family Movie Review - Hotel Transylvania

Friday, 22 February 2013

The second of our family movie recommendations today, we bought Hotel Transylvania (2012) on DVD for J's birthday at the beginning of the month. J is a big Adam Sandler fan, & as he is the voice of Dracula it was the perfect choice. Also featuring the voice talents of Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, David Spade, CeeLo Green, Selena Gomez and Molly Shannon, this is a good fun family movie that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

This animated movie is about single Dad Dracula who builds a monster holiday resort hidden away from humans in order to raise his daughter, Mavis. To celebrate her 118th birthday, Dracula throws a big party and invites all of the resort regulars but inadvertently reveals the hotel to a passing backpacker, 21-year-old Jonathan. Dracula then has to hide Jonathan's identity and get him out of the hotel before anyone realises he's not a monster!

Lots of laughs & some memorable quotes with all the silliness you'd expect from a movie featuring Adam Sandler (animated or otherwise), it has been a big hit with the Owlets and they've nearly worn the DVD out from watching it so many times. One to enjoy again and again, a big thumbs up from us.

** Disclaimer - this is an honest and personal movie review that was paid for out of my own pocket and has not been endorsed by any agency for promotional purposes.


  1. Owlets ha, such a cute little term for them xx

    1. Hehe thanks, I think owlet sums them up pretty well x

  2. I loved this movie, I laughed my head off! :)

    1. We thought it was really funny too, we all got lots of laughs from it!


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