Mama OWL Blog: Family Movie Review - ParaNorman

Family Movie Review - ParaNorman

Friday, 22 February 2013

As it's Friday, I have lined up three posts to share with you today reviewing movies that we have watched recently. We're big on our Friday family movie nights at Chez Owl. We drag all of our duvets downstairs and line the floor with them, and then we get comfy and snuggle up together. So here are our recommendations to help you choose some great films to watch together as a family.

ParaNorman (2012) is an animated film about a boy who can see the dead, and who must battle zombies, ghosts, school bullies & the grown-ups to save his town from a curse cast on them centuries ago by a witch.

Featuring the voice talents of Jeff Garlin, Leslie Mann, Anna Kendrick and Casey Affleck with Kodi Smit-McPhee as Norman, this is a hilarious film that had my kids laughing uproariously throughout. Lots of action & adventure with some mild peril (a handful of scenes that younger or more sensitive kids may find a little unsettling), this is definitely one we'll be enjoying again.

A (14) says that this movie is 'hilarious, perfect for a Halloween movie night' and L (9) says 'very funny and a little bit creepy sometimes too'. A few adult-intended jokes here and there, and overall a very funny film, great for older children, teens & tweens (though E did enjoy up it until she crashed out on Daddy) and one that we will be buying on DVD to enjoy again.

** Disclaimer - this is an honest and personal movie review that was paid for out of my own pocket and has not been endorsed by any agency for promotional purposes.


  1. Love the sound of Duvets on the floor and snuggling together xx

  2. we bought this dvd the other week..we all loved it xx

    1. It's good isn't it GG, we'll be buying it too :)

  3. We really enjoy our movie nights, it's nice to have some down time just snuggled up :)


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