Mama OWL Blog: Football Birthday Cake

Football Birthday Cake

Monday, 4 February 2013

Tomorrow is J's 12th birthday, and as his favourite thing is football I have gone with an England football shirt cake. Last year he had a football pitch cake (rainbow inside!) and the year before he had a plain cake with a football player on the top in his team colours with matching cupcakes.

He's desperate for tomorrow to arrive so he can open his presents (he assumes he has some... hehe), and we're hoping to take him and the others out for dinner later on in the week to celebrate, maybe Pizza Hut depending on the majority vote!

It's nothing spectacular, but here is the end result and he is happy with it which is what matters!

12th Birthday England Football Shirt Cake


  1. Wow that's gorgeous! I'll have to refer back to this when my little monkey asks me for football themed cakes in future x

  2. That's amazing - how brilliant. Well done :) X

  3. I think it looks fab xx

  4. What an awesome cake ....Happy Birthday

  5. it's a really lovely cake. you should be very proud.


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