Mama OWL Blog: Meal Plan Monday #mealplanningmonday

Meal Plan Monday #mealplanningmonday

Monday, 4 February 2013

Monday 4th February - Baked potatoes with various fillings & salad

Tuesday 5th February - Cajun chicken with potato wedges, corn on the cob & home-made coleslaw (followed by birthday cake, for J's 12th birthday today!)

Wednesday 6th February - Fish, chips & peas (for the Mister & kids, I am off out to Pizza Express for my sister's birthday)

Thursday 7th February - *Brinner (at H's request)

Friday 8th February - Mexican lasagne, with a side salad (I saw this on Little Super Sparks blog last week and absolutely had to give it a try, I've done some googling & made up my own spin on the recipe for it, I'll let you know how it goes!)

Saturday 9th February - Baked cannelloni

Sunday 10th February - Roast chicken

I've joined in with Mrs M's #mealplanningmonday linky with this post
*Brinner = Breakfast for Dinner


  1. Mexican Lasagne sounds amazing x

  2. Happy birthday to J for tomorrow and to your sister :)
    Lots of nice meals there x

  3. We're having some of the same as you...Baked potatoes & Brinner planned for us too this week!!
    Great meals planned...Have a lovely week x

  4. Lovely sounding meals, especially cajun chicken. Not eaten that in ages.

  5. Mexican lasagne sounds yummy - what makes it Mexican? We do our lasagne with a side salad of grated carrots with a lime and olive oil dressing. scrumptious!

  6. Baked potatoes and fish & chips are on our menu too this week. Look forward to hearing if the mexican lasagne is a winner!

  7. Sounds like a good week to me, can't beat baked potatoes or fish n chips.

    Hope you have a good week

  8. Nice meals, once again. Especially the brinner (now I know what it is!)

  9. Love your meal plan, it all sounds sooo yummy! What are the essentials in your brinner? We ahve to have hash browns!

    1. Stephanie M - my kids LOVE hash browns! And sausages, they like the full works!

  10. I also like the sound of the mexican, and I love fish and chips, just no one else is a big fan x

  11. BNM - the seasoning & sauces, and the addition of some spicy refried beans! Fingers crossed it turns out well!

  12. Thank you everyone, Nd thanks for J's birthday wishes! X

  13. Sounds like a delicious week of really satisfying comfort food

  14. Ooh, Mexican Lasagne is so yummy - enjoy! :-)


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