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Friday, 8 February 2013

With five children it is next to impossible to get them all even looking at the camera never mind smiling, if I try and instruct them too much they end up looking miserable or like they're about to stage a mutiny. That's not what I want my memories to look like, I want to capture THEM not just their faces, so now I just say "SAY CHEESE" and take a few snaps, and see what I end up with (thank heavens for the invention of digital cameras).

It was J's 12th birthday on Tuesday, after dinner I called everyone to the table to sing J happy birthday and have cake. We lit the candles, they all gathered round, and I said "SAY CHEESE"....

This is what I got.

I think that this is quite possibly one of my favourite pictures that I have ever taken of the kids. THIS is how I want to remember them when they're all grown up. I can see their personalities as well as their features, my fun-loving, silly, cheeky, happy, affectionate kids who love each other and who make me so happy & proud that I could actually burst.


  1. That is an absolutely brilliant photo, you can see their personalities and just how much they adore each other. That beats any staged picture pefert erm... picture! My favourite photos of my little dude are always the crazy ones :)

  2. What a super photo, it absolutely bursts with family energy and fun.

  3. great photo, congrats on the win xxx (slummymummy)


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