Mama OWL Blog: The Best Pancakes Ever

The Best Pancakes Ever

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fluffy American style Pancake Recipe
We're big fans of pancakes in this house, and while it doesn't have to be pancake day for us to enjoy them it does give us an extra excuse to serve them up for dessert.

We have lots of different tastes and all of us have our favourite flavours and combinations.

My favourite is a couple of thick American-style pancakes, layered with whipped cream, maple syrup and caramelised bananas. I also enjoy them spiked with blueberries and topped with Greek yogurt. The Mister shares my taste and will have a stack of thick pancakes dripping in maple syrup.

H prefers his to be thin and crispy, the size of a dinner plate and drizzled with maple syrup. L is another thin & crispy pancake fan, he prefers to enjoy his with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a generous splodge of toffee sauce.

A is a girl after my own heart and likes her pancakes to be thick and fluffy, but dotted with white chocolate chips and a spread of lemon curd, with a swirl of squirty cream on top. E likes hers with a little dash of maple syrup & strawberries, although truth be told she'd just prefer to have the strawberries on their own.

J is a tween boy and therefore will happily have his pancakes covered in whatever he can find, I always make sure that we have a good selection of toppings available and he'll choose a different one for each pancake.

Pancake topping ideas
What are your favourite flavours and combinations? Maybe chocolate spread with sliced strawberries on top, or traditional lemon and sugar? Perhaps you have some weird & wonderful tastes?!

Do you have a favourite pancake recipe? My current favourite is Jamie Oliver's quick & easy 1 cup self raising flour, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg and a pinch of salt - though I do add a drop or two of vanilla essence to mine.

Get your frying pan nice & hot, add a knob of butter and then ladle in a scoop of batter for lovely thick pancakes.

We're having our pancakes for dessert after dinner tonight, I hope you all enjoy your pancakes today - whenever and however you have them!


  1. Pancakes with chocolate chips inside! Why did I not think of this before!

  2. A really does have her moments of genius, they do taste very good with choc chips!

  3. I am almost drooling (nothing new I know) xx

  4. Yum yum. Will be trying out the Jaime Oliver recipe. I like mine with squeeze of lemon juice and a little sprinkle of sugar! :)

  5. Traditional is good, next time we have them I think I will enjoy mine with lemon & sugar! X


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