Mama OWL Blog: #TheGallery : Boys

#TheGallery : Boys

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

In the interest of fairness & equality, this week's theme for #TheGallery is BOYS. Last week I shared the first picture I ever took of my two beautiful daughters meeting for the very first time, and this week I am sharing a favourite picture of my three handsome sons together.

This photograph was taken at our annual Father's Day barbecue last Summer. The three of them had all been jumping about on the bouncy castle, running around playing football & bouncing on the trampoline and I caught them together in a quiet moment, having some drinks. They were having such a good time and it was a really lovely day that has given us lots of lovely family memories, and so this is one I would like to share with you.

My sons as boys, brothers & best friends. I can't wait to meet the men they will grow to become and hope that they maintain their strong bond forever.


  1. They are so handsome! Look how grown up they all look, especially J. Lovely pic Julie. xx

  2. Aaaw they look handsome fab picture of your boys x

  3. They are a good looking bunch! Gorgeous photo x

  4. aww what a lovely photo of your boys xx

  5. What a lovely photo :) I love how brothers are best friends.

  6. Nice one. I like all the stripes of colour.

  7. How lovely that they are so close.

  8. i love how one photo can bring back memories of a whole day. lovely looking boys! :)


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