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Easter Holidays

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The time has come!

This weekend we will be heading off to enjoy some time away as a family. Come rain or shine the seven of us are looking forward to quality time - and probably a few spats, wobbles and tantrums - down by the seaside. We've got our wellies, we've got our raincoats, we've got our optimism that the sun will have his hat on... We're all set!

Gap Kids zip front windbreaker Spring jacket
I managed to find these fantastic Spring jackets for the boys from Gap, and I managed to get them for a bargain price after doubling up on promotional codes (one a promo on the site, the other a 15% off reward for signing up to their newsletter). They're lovely quality, thick without being heavy with a super-soft jersey lining.
H chose green and L went for blue, and I saved a massive £22.64 using the codes - I do love a bargain! These will be perfect for our holiday, and ideal for the boys to wear to school as a Spring/Summer coat. I promise that H likes it a great deal more than he appears to in the photo...

My brother and his fiancée are house & dog sitting for us, and the Mister and I have been saving for day trips & dinners, and planning activities for us all to do while we are there. I am hopeful that it will be a really lovely Easter break for us all.

I've booked the groceries to arrive within a couple of hours of when we are due back and meal planned for next week including our Easter roast, so we're all prepared for the first week of the Easter holidays when we return. It'll be nice to have some 'down time' before we throw ourselves into next term.

We don't have a great deal planned for the holidays after our weekend away, but we will be enjoying some Easter baking and crafts as well as anticipating a visit from a certain bunny... Which now is really only for E's benefit but I am sure that the big four don't mind playing along if it means a basket of chocolate eggs for them!

Kids clothing bargains and family holidays are my reasons to be cheerful this week, what are yours? Link up with Michelle's #R2BC linky, hosted at Seasider In The City and share.


  1. Enjoy your family time together and have a fantastic holiday x

  2. Gorgeous jacket - I love the colour and I know another little boy who would love it too...

    Enjoy your holiday. Full of admiration for all your organising and planning :)) xx

  3. I hope you have a lovely break, whereabouts are you heading?
    Bargain jackets by the sound of it, nice one! X

  4. Have an amazing time xx

  5. I hope the weather will be kind to you on your holiday.

  6. Love the coat, green is my fave colour! Well done for meal planning in advance! Have a fab hol and try to put your feet up too! X

  7. Love the jacket! Sounds like you are really looking forward to your break away! Have fun! xxx

  8. Hope you have a lovely break, sounds fab!!!!

  9. Enjoy your break, I'm sure it will be great whatever the weather. Jackets are fab too! Good plan on the shopping prep. nothing more satisfying than knowing you will have a full fridge when you get back - all sorted! x

  10. The Mini Mes & Me - we're off down to Weymouth for a few days x

  11. I love getting bargains from GAP, my boys had those jackets and they last forever! Hope you have a fab holiday

  12. YOu certainly sound all set. What a lovely way to spend time over the holidays! I look foward to you posts on the trip. Be safe and have FUN :0)

  13. Hope your trip is fun! You're so organised (is there any other way to be!?) I hope you had a good time and so nice to see someone embracing the weather!! x

  14. Thank you so much, we had a wonderful time!


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