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10 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Comic Relief

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

There are lots of ways to FUNraise while you fundraise for Comic Relief. Red Nose Day 2013 is on Friday, March 15th, and there is still plenty of time to organise something to do your bit and raise money for the good causes that Comic Relief support.

Team Honk visited Ghana last month with Comic Relief to see for themselves all of the #goodwork that has been done using the money raised over the past 25 years. Annie, Penny & T sent me a digital postcard from Ghana for me to share here on my blog to help raise awareness and to show the wonderful work that has been made possible by your donations through fundraising as well as buying official RND merchandise. The official Red Nose Day merchandise is also available to buy in store at Sainsbury's as well as online.

I've put together a list of 10 simple fundraising ideas in case you are looking for inspiration. Maybe see what is going on at your child's school, or offer to help organise something with the help of staff and other parents.

1. CAKE SALE - Who doesn't love a cake sale? Cakes, biscuits, fudge, flapjack... Any & all of the sweet treats you can think of. Perhaps ask other parents to 'donate a plate' of homemade goodies to sell in the school hall after school with all of the proceeds going to Comic Relief, or perhaps take some baked goods in to work and sell them to your colleagues (check your own work rules & regs of course).

2. NON-UNIFORM DAY/FANCY DRESS - Something that again can be done at work or school pending approval from the relevant bodies, it can be as fun & silly as you want. Maybe PJs, or funny hair styles, or everyone dresses in red - any theme you like, with a small donation for everyone for taking part. I blogged some easy fancy dress costume ideas a few weeks ago if you need some inspiration.

3. SPONSORED SILENCE - I for one would sponsor my kids any amount to have them be quiet for a whole day! A sponsored 24 hour silence is simple and takes hardly any organisation - just a bit of willpower and some support!

4. TAKE A BATH - Not just any old bath. Nope. I'm thinking a bath you'd really rather not take... Tomato soup, spaghetti hoops, baked beans... The most disgusting thing you can think of, and sit in it for at least an hour. Gather sponsors, maybe charge people to pour a tin of whatever your gloop of choice is over your head for some extra pennies. I will put my money where my mouth is and let you know that I have already done this myself for RND way back in the 90s... It was rather vile and I was dyed tomato-red for days afterwards but it was good fun and for a worthy cause.

5. COFFEE MORNING - Put the kettle on, and invite your friends and family round for a coffee morning with a donation on the door! Lay on some cakes & biscuits and have a get-together and a catch up with your nearest and dearest while you raise cash for Comic Relief.

6. SELL YOUR STUFF - There are lots of ways to get rid of your unwanted items and make a bit of money to boot. Check out local businesses (such as Puddy Muddles in Wiltshire) or websites like eBay and Gumtree, clear your clutter and donate your earnings to Comic Relief. You could even have a garage or 'yard' sale.

7. DINNER PARTY - Why not have a charity dinner party at home, your guests can buy a 'plate' and you can have a lovely evening in with a bottle of your favourite and some grown up (or not) conversation.

8. SPONSORED SWIM - See if your local pool have anything organised that you can take part in, or if not then have friends & family sponsor you or your kids per length of the pool. Good exercise, and good fun.

9. TAKE A HIKE - Team Honk climbed Mount Snowdon for Comic Relief, perhaps you could organise a sponsored walk around your local park or the town, sponsor by the mile or for total distance walked. Don't forget to carry a bucket and wear an official t-shirt to collect donations from any generous passers-by.

10. SPONSORED WAX - Come on gents... It doesn't hurt that much! Ladies, see if your other half/brother/father/neighbour are willing to get their pins (or... back? chest?!) waxed for a good cause, it's only hair it will grow back, and just think - you'll be more aerodynamic for a while as well as raising money for a fantastic cause.

Will you be doing something funny for money? Have you done any of the above? Feel free to share your fundraising ideas in a comment!

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