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Give me some Bloglovin'

Friday, 22 March 2013

BRILLIANCE IN BLOGGING 2013 As far as jumping on bandwagons goes, I am the person running along behind waving my hands and trying to catch up. Not because I hadn't already joined Bloglovin', but because I hadn't advertised the fact.

Ladies and gents - I am on Bloglovin'. If you are concerned about the demise of Google Reader, FEAR NOT! There are many, many ways that you can stalk follow me, all of which are listed under the contact me tab of my blog. If you are do not want or simply cannot be bothered to click that link and look for yourself, I have added handy wee buttons to the right hand side of my blog with icons to tell you what they are. You may click these, they will help you monitor my every move.

If you really really love me, then you might like to take a swizz at the Britmums BiB Awards nominations buttons to the left. Over there. Look. Yep, them be the ones. And then you maybe might like to chuck a cheeky nomination my way. Or not. If not me, then scroll down a bit and check out my Blogroll, they too are all worthy of nominations.

I actively encourage you all to follow me in some way, shape or form because really, I am quite nice. Sometimes. Please. I will give you *cake.

*Cyber cake, does not contain actual cake.


  1. Done and I am now awaiting my cake :)

    1. Thank you! I highly recommend the lemon & poppyseed tray bake ;) x

  2. I love cake! I've never heard of Bloglovin though.

  3. Cake *is* fabulous! It's a new reader, it looks pretty good and easy to use which is great for me haha x


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