Mama OWL Blog: Our 2013 World Book Day Costumes

Our 2013 World Book Day Costumes

Friday, 1 March 2013

So, after much umm-ing and ahh-ing, and coaxing... and pleading... We have finally agreed on costumes for World Book Day. Last year I left it until the last minute, and so this year I decided to make a list of ten easy costume ideas for World Book Day for anyone struggling to come up with something.

For those who just want to buy something and be done with it, Simply Fancy Dress have done the work for you and have an entire dedicated section of costumes that are perfect for World Book Day, from Harry Potter & Hermione to Tinkerbell & Peter Pan.

L is not hugely enamoured with the idea of dressing up, his Autism means that a change of routine - such as not wearing his uniform to school, for example - can be unsettling for him.
Much to my delight, I discovered this brilliant Skylanders Trigger Happy costume on the Simply Fancy Dress website and knew that L would jump at the chance to wear it. We know it's not technically a book character, but L argued that he has Skylanders annuals & guides that feature Trigger Happy as a character in Spyro's Adventure so, he's not wrong is he?!

L couldn't wait to try on his costume when he got home from school and is very excited to wear it on World Book Day (7th March). It is a size large which is recommended for age 8-10 years, it is also available in sizes small and medium.

The costume comprises a plastic mask with elastic & velcro strap, and jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is generously sized with enough room underneath for L to wear whatever he feels most comfortable in, which will make for a very happy boy and a happy mum!

H has opted to dress up as Harry Potter, complete with robe and all the accessories and he makes a very dashing boy-wizard indeed.

We're all set ready for the big day now, less than a week to go! How does your child's school mark World Book Day? What costumes will your children be wearing?

** Disclaimer: Simply Fancy Dress provided the costume free of charge for us for review. I have received no payment for this post and it has not been sponsored. The views shared are entirely my own honest & personal opinions of the product and written in my own words.


  1. Ha, L looks fabulous xx


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