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Garden Games – activities for the whole family

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Entertaining children – especially in the holidays is usually something that is on a parent’s mind. Having young children in a world awash with toys and games for little ones can sometimes be very easy in this respect. There is so much outdoor play equipment angled towards younger children that the choices can be endless. Entertaining younger children is also made very easy by their ability to be entertained so easily! I have lost count of the number of small children who can have fun with the simplest items – sticks and stones, buckets, kitchen utensils – you name it!

Entertaining older children can be more difficult!
Entertaining older children can be a lot more difficult than keeping the younger ones amused. It is easy to let them laze around in front of the television but there is usually something inside us telling us we should be helping them to do something a little more constructive! Computer games seem to be one of those things where you feel it could be frying their brain or turning them into an anti-social recluse!

How can we get them outside in the fresh air?
Getting your older children outside can be a difficult task. Having large items such as trampolines in your garden can be a good incentive but of course, not everyone has the space or budget for something as large as this. There are some garden games and giant games which really don’t cost a lot of money and are small and compact so can be taken on holiday with you as well as to the park or a friend or relatives house (yes, even most of the giant games).

Croquet Sets are brilliant for keeping all ages entertained. It is a game which conjures up an image of country gentlemen or ladies, but it is perfect for a little competition. The competitive side to the game is a part of the game that will keep most ages hooked. The majority of teenagers have a little (or a lot) of competitive spirit in them, and croquet is definitely a game which will get them involved and wanting to beat the others!

Croquet is easy to transport and won’t cost a fortune
Croquet sets out there range from as little as £50 and contain all the hoops, balls and mallets you need to play. You can see a good variety of different croquet sets here ranging from small sets aimed at children, to family sets to more serious high quality croquet sets. For older children, you may want to consider getting a full size set but you can always buy smaller mallets in case the younger ones want to join in. Croquet is a game of strategy, skill and above all it will include most levels of ability and even age.  Croquet is also a game which does not take up much space, so can easily be taken on a camping holiday or family get together to keep everyone entertained.

Croquet is a game that will have everyone playing together
If you have a range of different age children – or you have relatives or friends who have younger or older children croquet is the perfect game to get them all involved and playing together.  You can even play as teams rather than individuals, so you can encourage more children to play who may usually feel a little intimidated playing on their own. Croquet rules can be adapted to suit the players. There are a number of different ‘serious’ sets of croquet rules but the basics are just as fun for the whole family to enjoy a game of croquet.

A whole range of other giant garden games
As well as croquet, there are a number of other garden games which can bring different ages and abilities together and encourage the children to get outside in the garden. Giant games are becoming more and more popular now and there are a lot of different ones to choose from. Giant games like giant jenga and giant connect 4 bring family classic ‘indoor’ games outside into the garden. These giant games also create more of a team or group game atmosphere unlike their small counterparts. As they are giant, more people can gather around these games allowing more involvement from more people. Giant chess is also very popular – not only as a good strategy game, but also as something which can act like an attractive ornament when set out on a patio. Giant chess can again be played by different age groups but will appeal to older children who prefer something which will give them something a little more mentally challenging. Giant games will have your children hooked for hours.

Written by Abbi Stewart
{play expert and advisor for Big Game Hunters}
This is a sponsored guest post.

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