Mama OWL Blog: My Dream Bathroom

My Dream Bathroom

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I have to admit that one of my favourite times, is when I can shut - and lock - the bathroom door, turn on my music and have a long, hot shower... and ignore the toddler's fingers poking under the door, the knocking, the Mister asking where something is, the small voice saying "Muummmm... What you doing?" or the teenager demanding to know how much longer I am going to be...

*up goes the volume*

Unfortunately, a long soak in the bath is not an option due to the bizarre layout of my very little bathroom, and I can only assume the bath is designed for small children. And maybe jockeys.
But for a woman who is 5'10, it does not make for a relaxing dip and I would love nothing more than to stretch my legs out and enjoy unwinding in a long hot bubbly tub. I've longed to renovate the bathroom and make much better use of the space. The bath would go along the back wall, the toilet and sink opposite each other, and I would have a heated towel rail in place of the radiator.

I am coveting the Galaxia Showerbath Suite from BathShop321. I can just imagine laying out and making the most of the peace & quiet, washing my worries away, but keeping the option of a shower if one of us needed to hop in & out... And for teen, who can of course spend hours in there.

Tots 100 have asked what would be my dream bathroom?  I've often daydreamed about it... What I would do for a whirlpool bath! Complete with control panel for the built-in music system with a lighting dimmer switch to create a relaxing atmosphere, and very importantly, a shelf so that I can keep my glass of wine within arm's reach. Perhaps a few scented candles dotted here and there to add to the ambience.
There would also need to be power shower for those times that I need to get in and out as quick as I can, sometimes the window of opportunity is only minutes long! And ideally all of that would come with a panoramic mountain or sea view... Maybe one day, after my lottery win (one day!).

My own little sanctuary in my busy household, but something that will serve my family well too - such as a soft-close loo seat to stop little fingers getting mashed, and to prevent the annoying seat slamming! The smallest things can mean the most to a busy mum, and even just half an hour to myself to relax and unwind is my idea of heaven.


  1. That bathroom suite you are coveting is really lovely, I would like one too xx

  2. I was just saying today to the checkout lady at Sainsburys about the only time I get to read these days, on the loo! We got into a long conversation about locking ourselves in the bathroom haha! Hope you get your dream bathroom, I have mine, only took 20 odd years but hey ho!


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