Mama OWL Blog: Nature Paint - A breath of fresh air

Nature Paint - A breath of fresh air

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I'm so happy that our house is very nearly decorated just how I want it, with the exception of the kitchen (nearly done) and the utility room (er...) it's almost perfect. The Mister has just finished revamping our hall/stairs/landing to try and brighten it up and I am really pleased with the results, he's done a fantastic job.

I chose some red, grey & black floral wallpaper on a white background to complement the 'Cuttlefish' NaturePaint we were sent to review. We only have one window in the hallway and a narrow pane of glass in the front door so it is quite dark and we chose bright, clean colours to make it as light as possible. It comes in a wide range of beautiful colours so it took us a little while to choose which we liked best.

NaturePaint is the only paint in the UK certified to contain absolutely zero VOCs. This basically means, it doesn't contain any of the bad stuff that can affect health and the atmosphere. If you would like to know more about VOCs and why they are bad then NaturePaint explain it all here for you.

NaturePaint - 100% VOC free

The paint is non-toxic and therefore was ideal to use in the hallway, stairs and landing areas because they link to almost every room in our house. The Mister painted in the knowledge that it was safer for him while he was working with it and also would not negatively affect the rest of the household. It is a high traffic area and used constantly, we were all able to continue to travel through & sleep with bedroom doors open without any ill effects or concern. Having already had a couple of wee grubby mitts touch the wall, I can also report that it was easy to wipe clean!

NaturePaint has a mild smell when it is wet, but it is not unpleasant and does not linger. It dries quickly and I also noticed that (when it is dry) it has a glittery affect to it, which reflects the light even more - bonus!

Its packaging is 100% recyclable and the paint comes in powder form, which means you only need to mix as much as you need with some water and then you can save the rest for another time or retouching later on. Better still, it is made in Great Britain, so you can support a home-grown business and British manufacturing.

As well as the website, you can also find NaturePaint on Twitter & Facebook.

NaturePaint provided us with two tins of paint to review free of charge.
The views shared are my own personal & honest opinion of the program
and are written entirely in my own words.

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