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My Paleo Progress

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I have been accused of "not eating" (a simple glance in my general direction should put that thought to rest) or buying in to 'faddy diets' when I have told people that I am changing how and what I eat.
It is hard to make people understand unless they have read as much about it as I have over the past few months, or who don't know people - like Tara - who LIVE this way (because it is NOT a diet) and who are fit & healthy and feel better than they ever have.

I think probably the best way to think of it is living off the land. Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, berries, nuts, butter, natural fats & oils. I found this image on which I hope illustrates my point.
I'm not saying anyone else's lifestyle choice is bad (because I wouldn't). Simply that THIS is how I am choosing to eat, cook & live and I would appreciate the same respect for my own choices in the same way I respect everyone else's. Everyone is welcome to eat how they please, it's no business of mine.

And for anyone worrying that I am not eating, worry not.
I eat until I am satisfied, I have stopped drinking diet fizzy drinks and I have stopped eating chocolate. Our meals are not simply fried or soaked in fat, we are eating plenty of fruits and veggies and our food is roasted, baked, grilled, dry-fried, poached, scrambled and steamed. This is a small selection of what we (as a family) have eaten this week.
Nine days in, and honestly, I feel great. I'm not bloated or sluggish, I don't 'crash' mid-afternoon like I used to. My skin is clearing up, and feels smoother and not as dry as it was. I'm feeling satisfied for longer after eating, I'm not 'hungry' as such, I simply eat when I feel the need to, and I have lost seven pounds. I feel good, and if changing my diet is what has made this happen then that can only be a good thing.

I'm still learning what to do and how to cook & bake using different ingredients and methods so it is a real learning curve for me. I am using family-friendly paleo recipes by Tara at & simply by searching 'paleo meal ideas' & checking out #paleo on Instagram and Pinterest. I'm even going to have a go at making my own vegetable crisps for the kids lunch boxes. The Mister and the kids are giving this a go with me and I really appreciate the effort they're putting in. If after a month it isn't working out, then we will give it a rethink. But right now I am glad of their support & eagerness to give it a try with me.

If you want some links and information please ask, and I will help as much as I am able or I will point you in the direction of others who can. I'll be updating here and there with my progress, so I hope you'll stick with me and see how we are getting on.


  1. I think you have given people something to think about hun, simply grilling something instead of cooking it in a lump of lard isn't a huge change, just sensible I guess.... well done on losing 7lbs too xx

  2. I think it is really interesting what you are doing. I think that diagram you found has helped explain it more to me. I admire you for doing it.

    I think life is all about balance. And I'm really interested in reading more about how your children, with all the peer pressures around 'naughty' foods, will go with it.

    Ignore the comments from others who are negative - it says more about them than you.

    Look forward to reading more xx

  3. Thank you :)

    I honestly am surprised at just HOW good I feel. I never get the mid afternoon crash anymore, I'm not hungry and constantly thinking about the next meal. I feel better in myself and it is really doing wonders for me :) x

  4. well done, it seems your menu was great this week. I'm back on eating healthy and feel great. It's only been 4 days but my body definitely feel the difference when i eat gluten and sugar free. even though i still not sleep coz of lill harry I can tell i have more energy. Isn't it a great feeling? Found a great blog for recipes, specially for those days when you fancy a treat but want to stick with the good stuff, so I came to share, I hope you enjoy it.

  5. Thank you Aida, yes the difference is amazing, I feel so much better!

    Thank you for sharing the website, I will bookmark it and take a look! x

  6. I am eating paleo style and have lost 40 pounds already and my energy levels are through the roof! Interestingly I blogged about it this week. Whoop to the caveman!


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