Mama OWL Blog: Reading Eggs are cracking!

Reading Eggs are cracking!

Friday, 5 April 2013

H (7) is not much of a reader, he likes to watch and make and do. He's not a big fan of writing either, but he has
Reading Eggs
excellent handwriting for his age (if a bit of an unusual way of holding the pencil, a habit I am trying to break him of) and is very good at English and spelling. The problem is not in the ability, but encouraging him to get on and do it. H is a very hands-on, rough & tumble sort of boy, a lover of the great outdoors and always on the go. Sitting reading a book is not really his style.

He's not as far along with his reading as he could be at school because of this, so trying out a new way of learning was an ideal opportunity for us. We set up H's Reading Eggs account and I signed him in so he could get started.

Reading Eggs app for the kurio
Quick & easy to set up, H's attention was immediately captivated by all of the games that Reading Eggs had to offer. Throughout his free trial he has come home from school and immediately asked to play Reading Eggs, preferring it to all of the other apps & games that he plays.
I've had to download the app to his Kurio tablet so that he can use it 'on the go' too, he quite literally cannot get enough. It has captured his imagination and held it, and he is keen to read and learn. Since starting the program, he has shown more willing in his reading at school & at home. I can see and hear the progress he has made and I have watched his confidence grow.

Reading EggsReading Eggs offers programs for all ages from 3-4 right up to 7-13 years. Using songs, animations, games and rewards within individual one-to-one lessons that allow kids to learn at their own pace, in a fun and interesting way.

I would highly recommend giving this program a go if you have a reluctant reader or one who perhaps needs a little extra help, or even just to boost their learning. H has very much enjoyed his trial and we will be continuing the program with a subscription to carry on his progress.

You can also follow Reading Eggs on Twitter, and like them on Facebook to keep up to date with news & offers.

Reading Eggs provided us with an extended free trial to review this program.
The views shared are my own personal & honest opinion of the program
and are written entirely in my own words.


  1. This seems great! Way more fun that what my kids used.

    1. I'm really impressed with it, he has really enjoyed using it and it has improved his confidence loads. X

  2. My daughter is four and just starting to learn to read independently. I will give this a go as having to sit down and read her books to me seems to be a bit daunting!

  3. Tinuke B - It really is a great program, H really enjoys it and even E is picking up things when she watches him play! :)


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