Mama OWL Blog: Say what? The language of teens

Say what? The language of teens

Thursday, 4 April 2013

As my eldest two have grown into teens & tweens, communicating with them has become increasingly like learning a foreign language. 'Slanguage', if you will.

Just this morning A told me that the dog was "fan-girling" her (I think that meant very excited to see her, I'm still not 100% on that) and she's referred to things that are large as being "hench" (I know, I don't understand that one either). Listening to A & J talking about school at the dinner table can be hard to follow, with them discussing how someone totally parred someone else ('owned', got the better of) and how A "ships Brusnop". This means that she loves the 'bromance' (close male friendship) between two members of one of her favourite bands, FYI. Exactly why they can't just say what they mean, I don't know!

Center Parcs have come up with this infographic to help parents learn some of the new teen slanguage that is gradually making its way in to our homes & lives, to enable us to actually understand at least some of what our kids say. I blates have bare love for this, it's bang tidy.

I have no idea what I just said. Let's hope you fare better than me! #Fail

teenage slanguage dictionary

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  1. Yo u so iz not kool lyk, get wiv it, you need to be well reem innit xx

  2. LMAO! Harry the other day said "That's sick bruv" I was like "WHAT?! Your brother was sick, where? I need to clean that up" And H was like "No sick as in SICK, you know.." Nope I have no idea.. Apparently it means cool/good or something. I've no idea, I think I need to checkout the slanguage dictionary! Haha. x

  3. Honestly they do baffle me at times! Half my time is spent saying "What? What does that mean?", if they just said the proper word for it in the first place we would save a lot of time! Innit!

  4. At least you can hear them! K talks so fast and mumbles, when I don't understand he grunts 'never mind' or 'dun matter' grrr x

  5. Hehe! Ah they are great fun at this age aren't they Jo! x


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