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Happy Feet

Friday, 3 May 2013

Finding shoes for teenagers can be, what can be only be described as, a mission. They need to be the right brand, the right fit, the right colour... You have to consider comfort, style, and of course for us parents, price.

I browsed the range of trainers available from Barratts Shoes looking for something for A, I knew what I liked the look of but of course, had to consult with her before I chose anything. God forbid I choose anything that she hasn't approved!

I invited her to guest-post for me to share her opinion on the American Flag Lace-up Casual Trainers that she eventually decided on, and so here are her thoughts in her own words...

"I really like the trainers because they're well padded and comfy, although I found that when they were done up all the way they were a bit tight around my ankles. The zip was rather irritating however because it kept coming undone slowly, but it didn't really make much difference to me wearing them, I hardly noticed it.

They have good grip on the soles and when I finally get off the laptop and learn to skateboard like I have been meaning to for ages, they'll be very good for holding to the grip tape on the board. So they will be will be good support for my feet and ankles. I really like the material and the pattern and they have quite a thick sole so they'll be hard wearing and I think will last quite a while."

And so I have a happy teenager, it must be a miracle! She selected this style of trainer in black, and they are also available in brown.

Barratts Shoes provided us with a pair of American Flag Lace-up Casual Trainers free of charge for the purpose of this reviewThe views shared are my daughter's own personal & honest opinions and are written entirely in her own words.

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