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Making stains Vanish

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Vanish Stain Removal
As a mum of five, I have my work cut out for me when it comes to the washing. Not only is there usually masses (and masses... and masses...) of it but more often than not I'm also greeted with various stains, namely grass (thank you, football), make up, chocolate and a selection of things from dinner to name but a few.

Vanish offered me the opportunity to try out some of their stain-removing products with the promise of "stain removal 1st time". I was dubious. My kids know how to put things through their paces and certainly aren't afraid of a little dirt and grime, and to be honest that is exactly how I want them to be. I grew up climbing trees and racing through fields & flinging cowpats with wild abandon, I don't want my kids to be afraid of mud. What is a childhood without a little dirt, after all?

After a particularly 'busy' day at her Nanny & Grampy's plant nursery, E successfully destroyed a pair of her - quite new - pink leggings. My own fault for putting her in pale pink leggings to go to the nursery really, you would think I would know better having grown up there myself. Apparently not.

The main thing was, E had a fun day knee deep in whatever mess she could find, she jumped in some puddles, she carried some plants around. It was a good day for getting grubby. The perfect opportunity for me to try out this stain removing formula from Vanish, then!

I washed the leggings first without any stain removal agents and as you can see, the mud stains didn't budge. Next, I used the Vanish Oxi Action (the pink tub) and made a paste with a little water, putting it on the grubbiest area of the leggings and giving it a good scrub with the underside of the scoop. Then I washed it as usual with my regular detergent, and I also added a scoop of Vanish to the wash.

And the end result...

No more mud stains! An almost brand new pair of leggings has been saved, excellent news for my wallet! I've also successfully banished some grass stains from J's chinos this week with the aid of Vanish so it definitely gets a big thumbs up from me.

If you have a handy hint for stain removal, check out the Vanish Tip Exchange on Facebook, if you submit a tip you could win £100 worth of M&S vouchers.

Vanish provided me with samples of Vanish stain removal powder for the purpose of this reviewThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and are written entirely in my own words.

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