Mama OWL Blog: Mess-free creative play with Playfoam

Mess-free creative play with Playfoam

Monday, 20 May 2013

Our unpredictable weather, even during the great British Summer, means that you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep the littles entertained on rainy days.

For some, the mere thought of messy play brings them out in a cold sweat. I'm not the biggest fan I have to admit, but I have learned to love it for the sake of the kids, who absolutely adore getting stuck in and covered in who knows what. BUT - if you really can't stomach the clean up & cringe at the thought of a rainbow being smeared lovingly across your walls or modelling dough being mashed in to your carpet, then Learning Resources may have just the thing for you with all of the creativity and none of the mess.

We were sent this combo 8-pack of Playfoam in beautiful vibrant colours to try, with the promise that not only is it non-toxic and mess free, but that it also doesn't dry out. E took on the challenge of road-testing it & the results were surprising.
With a product that is designed to be sticky, that sticks together, your immediate thought is that despite its promises, it will indeed stick to the floor/table/your hands/the dog. Well, I was wrong. E gave Playfoam a good mashing, and there was absolutely no residue left on anything and no stray bits of Playfoam stuck anywhere else except to each other.

We had great fun creating all sorts of things, including a very colourful butterfly, and after over a week of being left in a tub with the lid off, it has not dried out and is in the same condition it arrived in. Well almost, the colours are of course a bit of a mash-up now that it is has been squashed and squished every which way imaginable, but that doesn't affect its quality at all. Mess-free creative play it certainly is, and something that will be enjoyed by E (and the bigger kids!) again and again.

Head over to Learning Resources Facebook page, where they are currently offering fans the chance to win one of five combo 8-packs of Playfoam, which ends on Friday 7th June 2013. Good luck!

Learning Resources provided us with a combo 8-pack of Playfoam for the purpose of this reviewThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and are written entirely in my own words.


  1. we tried this before, it really doesnt dry out at all does it! i left it uncovered on a shelf for ages and it was fine! i need to get some more though cos eventually all the colours mixed in too much and i ended up chucking it, so need to replenish our supply. it was quite an interesting cool texture!

  2. We need to try this I think! Think I've got a boy who'd definitely be in his element with this!

  3. It is REALLY cool, I actually find myself sitting there joining in giving it a good squash, actually rather therapeutic haha x

  4. Anna, right now Learning Resources are offering free delivery on all orders! Just enter BLOGGER13 at the checkout when you place your order and the delivery charge will be deducted! The offer expires 31st December 2013 :) x


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