Mama OWL Blog: The Queen of the (Sand) Castle #CountryKids

The Queen of the (Sand) Castle #CountryKids

Saturday, 4 May 2013

I'm not entirely sure if she was the Queen of the castle or more like the dirty rascal by the time these little sand monkeys had finished digging and building in the sandpit.

There is nothing quite like having a good old dig in the sand. Something so simple but loved by almost all kids, even if it is actually quite hated by me because sand gets absolutely everywhere! I have learned to live with it though.

E had a really lovely afternoon building, knocking over and rebuilding sandcastles in the sunshine with two of her cousins - C & F - at Nanny & Grampy's house and I hope that they get many more opportunities to play together this Spring/Summer.

I have linked this post with Coombe Mill's #CountryKids linky.


  1. We love our sandpit. Like you say it gets everywhere but it's their favourite thing, so what can you do?

  2. Yes, sand everywhere but we usually take the boys straight up to the bath since they like putting it on each other's heads!

    Looks like they had fun :)

  3. As you say kids love having fun and being creative with sand. They are lovely photos of them all playing together, thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  4. We dont have a sandpit yet as waiting til we have a proper back garden, but we are regular beach goers and seem to bring home sand by the bucket load! The kids never seen bothered by the sand in the socks, shorts and in between their toes :-) #countrykids

  5. Lovely photos - a lot of concentration going on there. I really have to sort out our poor winter ravaged sand pit, now that the sunshine has returned

  6. Yay, sandpit fun ;D Looks like they had a fab time, hehe =) x

  7. There's definitely something about sandcastles, I agree. The Boy will spend ages building one only to smash it down!

    Nipping over from Country Kids.

  8. Sand is great of those things you have to learn to love really...but yes it gets everywhere!

  9. Lovely photos, I think the girls would spend all day in sand too

  10. I'm not a sand fan. I hate the feel of the stuff. Dreading the day Dexter asks for one - it's only a matter of time...

    Nipped over from Country Kids x


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