Mama OWL Blog: The Summer Wardrobe Sort-Out

The Summer Wardrobe Sort-Out

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Spring/Summer is finally here and that means one thing...

Sorting out the children's summer wardrobes.

I try not to overfill their wardrobes and keep to what we need, otherwise I think that I would literally drown in laundry. For example, they have enough t-shirts to last them a couple of weeks, smart trousers, play trousers, smart jeans, etc... The problem with swapping everything over for the change of season is that in the UK you're never quite sure what season you're going to wake up to regardless of the time of year.

I've sorted through all of their footwear too. The boys have outgrown all but one pair of their trainers, and I'm also now looking for something suitable for warmer weather. Preferably something wipe clean... I have, however, kept all of their wellingtons lined up on the shelves in the utility room. Those are probably the only things that never get put away.

E, too, is growing like a weed and her feet are no exception. She's gone through a pair of wellies already because she has just worn them to death, and so now we are shopping for girls footwear for the summer in addition to a new pair of wellingtons for little miss puddle jumper.
I've finally finished rearranging her wardrobe and she has plenty of cardis & leggings to go with her Summer dresses, we have to be prepared for all eventualities!

While not exactly what I am looking for right now, I have had my head turned by these gorgeous Owl Slippers from John Lewis during my search. They're not in E's current size but I suppose that there's nothing to stop me getting the next size up, you know, just to be organised... Maybe for Christmas... (I can justify that, can't I?!).

As for A... Well, I've been demoted from choosing anything (clothing, footwear... I really do mean anything) for A these days, at nearly fifteen she just needs me and the Mister to input our debit card details at the checkout. The joys of teenagers. I shouldn't complain really, letting her do it herself means less work for me!

Am I the only one who dreads the big seasonal wardrobe sort out? Do you have any tips for making it quicker and easier?

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  1. I'm so loving those Owl slippers! You are very good to have seasonal wardrobes. The toddler wears his t-shirts throughout the year but with long white sleeved tops underneath during the colder months. The shorts just tend to get pushed to the back of the wardrobe in the winter!

  2. We do this too, Lara! Lots of L/S white & black tees in the drawers here too hehe x

  3. I dread it, too! I've got the boys and Ellies to sort thru but the westher is so up and down I've not done it yet. :-/


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