Mama OWL Blog: Bank Holiday Bouncing

Bank Holiday Bouncing

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Wasn't it so nice to have a Bank Holiday where the sun actually came out! We had such a good day, the Mister got out to do some gardening, I managed to get some cleaning done while the kids raced in and out of the house to the garden and back again, it was just really nice not to have to do anything, just doing whatever we wanted all together.

The lovely Jo from Ojo's World came to visit with the family & we sat and had a cuppa while the kids played out in the garden, she even bought me this fabulous mug! Isn't it wonderful? A perfect addition to my kitchen owl family & it looks fab with my cookie jar!

Jo's boys and my brood had great fun out on our new Trampoline together having a good old bounce in the sunshine. Our previous one had seen better days but I couldn't bring myself to take it down because the kids loved it so much, so when the opportunity to review a 12ft Skyhigh Trampoline with Safety Enclosure from came up it was like fate, the children were thrilled!

The Mister admittedly was less enthused because this meant disassembling the old one, and putting up the new Trampoline (hehe) however the assembly of the Skyhigh was straightforward and he managed it alone (or rather, with a little help from H) and in just over an hour.

The Skyhigh Trampoline from Big Game Hunters consists of the Trampoline frame, springs, safety pad and Trampoline bed as well as a a spring tool, and the Enclosure (which closes using four clips rather than a zip) comprises of the netting, poles and all fixings along with instructions.

There are a wide range of accessories available to purchase separately, including Trampoline tents (a brilliant idea if ever there was one), ladders and even shoe bags, plus parts for spares and repairs. All parts of the Trampoline also come with individual warranties for added peace of mind.

I think my favourite thing about Trampolines is that as well as being a lot of fun for all ages (important for our family with teens, tweens and a toddler), they are great exercise and the children are always more than willing to get outside and have a jump on it - particularly handy if they have extra energy to burn off, too!

After our Barbecue the children bounced off their dinner before we called them all in and bathed them ready for bed. A busy but thoroughly lovely day resulting in tired and happy kids - what can be better than that!

Big Game Hunters provided us with a 12ft Skyhigh Trampoline with Enclosure for the purpose of this reviewThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and are written entirely in my own words.


  1. Loving the 'Owls' xx

  2. We had a wonderful day. My boys definitely liked the trampoline! It got a good testing yesterday lol x

  3. Looks fab! Our trampoline has seen better days so I was thinking of refurbishing it. A new one would be even better!

  4. @SarahMummy - there are some fairly inexpensive accessories here -Trampoline Accessories - which may adequately spruce up you trampoline, give me a shout if you need any advice :)


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