Mama OWL Blog: Zulily Styles... Miss E!

Zulily Styles... Miss E!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

The fabulous people at Zulily UK know a thing or two when it comes to stylish kidswear. With daily deals from top designers at the lowest prices (up to 90% off retail prices) on things for kids, babies and mums, there are some serious bargains to be had.

Zulily kindly sent some items for E to road-test from their fantastic selection of top brands.

Here E is modelling a blue long-sleeved pppPockets Fish Kingdom t-shirt, that comes with two adorable finger puppets (a pink octopus & a brightly coloured fish) which she LOVES. Clothes that she can wear and play with, such a clever idea!
In a lovely soft jersey material, it is perfect attire for being outside on a rainy Spring day, you can see her clambering through the long grass to leave some peanuts for her little chum "Mr Squirrel", who lives in the trees down the lane near Nanny & Grampy's house.

E's beautiful red polka dot raincoat is by Sugar Pink, that I purchased from Zulily during one of their events.

As I am sure you have noticed, we're huge fans of owls here, and we are so completely in love with this amazing Stephen Joseph Owl Go-Go Bag.

E is currently using it for her snacks & drinks on visits to see her Grandparents and on our days out, and also to carry around her favourite toys when we're on the go. She's looking forward to using it when she starts nursery school in September too, she's getting far too grown up for my liking!

These comfy sheepskin lined lilac mini Eskimo boots by mou-online from Zulily are a big hit with E. She's enjoyed wearing them around the house like they are slippers because they are just so cosy and warm on her feet! They're slightly too big for her at the moment, so we're hoping that they will last through to the Autumn, because they'll be perfect for keeping her wee small toeses warm on chilly Autumn days!

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Zulily UK are also sponsoring Mama Owl's 2nd birthday celebrations which launch this Saturday (May 11th 2013) so be sure to check back for your chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Zulily UK sent us the pppPockets t-shirt, mou boots and Stephen Joseph bag for the purpose of this reviewThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and are written entirely in my own words.

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