Friday, 28 June 2013

Riding the Rollercoaster

This past week has been quite the rollercoaster for me. Not quite Thorpe Park, but emotionally it was probably as close as I could get without strapping myself in on Colossus.

This time a week ago I was experiencing my very first BritMums Live conference up in London with about a million (or if I'm not exaggerating, 500ish...) other people. I was travelling on the underground, I was away from home and fending for myself - with a little help from Ojo's World who made sure I didn't get lost, or play with knives or matches...

Last year I completely chickened out of going, but I made the decision to go this year and I'm really glad I did. I met lots of lovely bloggers in person after getting to know them through their blogs and twitter, but I did also miss out on seeing many others as I did find the experience a little overwhelming at times. I felt fully able to step out for a bit and then come back in, which was good. The sessions weren't entirely what I was expecting but I did enjoy sharing in the blogging for support session, and also learning more about Pinterest and how to get the most out of it.

In all honesty probably my favourite part of the weekend was the socialising, and drinking of wine & spirits... I liked just being around people who share a lot of my interests, and whose eyes don't glaze over when you mention blogging and who don't find it rude when you are glued to your phone, tweeting mid-conversation because they are doing the exact same thing.

I would love to go again next year and I'm hoping to find a sponsor as I'll be stumping up for A's prom (hair, make up, dress, shoes, transport... the list goes on) & forking out for L & E's new school uniforms around then so it'd definitely be beneficial to me, but I hope I will find a way. I'm very grateful to my Fairy Blogmother who enabled me to go this year, it was a great experience, thank you again x

It has been sports week at L & H's school, and yesterday & today were their sports days. We had a few tears (from both boys) during the morning yesterday and both needed a little time out and hug with mum before continuing on. Their teachers and classmates were all so supportive of each other, it was really nice to watch and the weather held out which is always a bonus. Their team came second overall which they were a little disappointed about, but they got over it soon enough.

Today was 'race day' for the older kids (years 3-6). The fact that L even agreed to take part was a milestone in itself because he finds physical activities difficult, and he has also suffered with hip pain earlier in the week so I was a bit concerned & anxious about how it would go. Fortunately, he was okay and didn't hurt himself but he was a bit distressed after he didn't win his race. Again, his teachers and classmates were supportive and reassured him, I love that they all understand him and are there for him.

When they were lined up waiting to start the race, his friends were all chanting his name & cheering him on and I admit that I welled up seeing the pride on his face. After a very rough start to his school life and years of him telling me that he just wanted a friend, I am so so relieved that he is settled in a fantastic school and has lots of friends around him, and to see their reaction towards him when he was upset that he didn't win for them was heart-warming. They are such lovely kids and I just hope that they remain that way as they stride headlong into the teenage years.

It has been an emotional week. And I am certainly thankful it's Friday. TGIF! Enjoy your weekend.

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