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Sports Day

Saturday, 29 June 2013

It was Sports Week at L & H's school this week, celebrated with a sports day for all, and a race day for the KS2 children as well as various activities within school throughout the week.

Luckily, the sun was shining and we were able to enjoy both days without needing to huddle under an umbrella or wish away the hours until we could hurry off home back in to the warm. Sunglasses, sun cream and dresses on, and off E & I went to enjoy the day. My friend K joined us to watch my boys racing around the field doing their activities, and E took great delight in swinging from the playground equipment the entire time. It seems she approves, so I hope she will be happy when she starts there in September next year.
There are a series of stations set up around the playground, including a rest station under the trees with drinks & biscuits, and the children have a certain time limit at each station in which to earn points for their teams.
The school is divided up into four teams - red, green, yellow & blue - with two teams per colour, and the colour with the most points at the end is the winner. The school even provide all of the t-shirts for the children so there is no scrabbling around to find something in the appropriate colour. My boys were - as you have probably guessed - in the green team. Unfortunately they didn't win, but they did come second which they eventually all came to terms after some sulking!
The games include space-hopping, an assault course, skipping, goal scoring, rocket throwing, bean bag throwing and hurdles. Space-hopping didn't work out so well for my gangly, uncoordinated L who ended up on his face after a few bounces, and H really does not like skipping so we had some foot stamping here and there but overall they enjoyed themselves and I was very proud of the effort they put in and really loved spending the morning watching them have fun with their classmates.
With the end of term looming, we are looking forward to the next year of school and will soon start our preparations for the beginning of years three and six. L is excited but anxious about the prospect of his final year of primary school, this time next year will see lots of changes in our house as A starts the sixth form, L starts senior school and E begins primary school so we plan to make the most of this summer before everything is turned upside down. Fingers crossed for decent weather so we can get out there and enjoy it!

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  1. Looks like a lovely sports day and great weather for it. 2 of my boys miss theirs as we are away,
    Yours sounds like our house - ds1 starts 6th form Sept, ds2 going into year 6 and has his 11+, and youngest is starting school.

  2. What a great sports day that looks! Our was last friday and was raining the whole time, pretty cold but still enjoyable too. Glad you had perfect weather for it though x

  3. Looks like a fun sports day! The rain held off for ours thankfully. Great to see the kids having fun.

  4. At least you are saved the task of the parents race!!!! My children always expect me to compete and with the reception (younger) Mums it gets harder each year - only another two years to go :) Thanks for linking up your sunny sports day pictures to Country Kids.

  5. Wow, a sports week ! Great fun. So lovely to see them all playing outside doing so many different activities. And always a plus when the it's dry too ;0) x #countrykids

  6. I love sports day! Our school didn't have one last year, so I'm looking forward to this year's :) Sounds like you have got a lot of change ahead! Good luck with all of that.

  7. what a fab sports week/day!! my daughters school used to be rubbish, however you cant beat a good one!!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing :-)

  8. Our school will for the first time, have 4 teams. They used to have 2 which meant there was a definite winner/loser. So it will be interesting to see how the kids take to their new sports day.

    fingers crossed we don't have rain x


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