Thursday, 6 June 2013

The sun has got his hat on #R2BC

The weather finally perking up has really lifted my mood.

There is only so much rain, wind and cold a person can take before it really starts to grind you down, and so the beautiful sun and blue skies are being welcomed with open arms.

In the past week and a bit we've been to the park, fed the ducks, gone for a walk, enjoyed the garden (including dinnertime picnics on a blanket), climbed trees and ridden bikes outside in the sun.

Summer, it seems, is finally here, and long may it last!

We have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks, including J's football presentation evening this weekend, Britmums Live (Eek!), Father's day and a visit to Thorpe Park as well as our holiday to Torquay in July so I am hoping that the weather holds out!

We've also enjoyed visits to both Bristol Zoo Gardens and ZSL London Zoo in the past couple of months, so it has been a busy time for us but we are enjoying it even if I am shattered 99% of the time! The good times may not always last but the memories do so we're doing our best to make lots of them.

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?

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  1. Sounds like you have had a glorious week! I love sunny days! x

  2. It certainly sounds as though you have been busy with much more to follow. The sunshine is beautiful and I've seen some of your outdoor pics, looks like fun! x

  3. Thats a lot to be cheerful about! It's been a long time coming but isn't it great that the sun is shining. Enjoy BritMums, I wish I could go.

  4. I'm excited (and nervous) about Britmums. Looks like you've been pretty busy!

  5. I loveeee this weather! It sounds like you guys have had plenty of fun in the sun! =) xx

  6. Wow, it certainly sounds like you've been busy! We had a day at Thorpe Park too - thoroughly enjoyed it. It was raining that day though, so lovely to seem some sun at last (shh! Let's not jinx it!)

  7. wow - what a busy but fun time you have been having. We have tried to make the most of the good weather too! Love what you say at the end about the good times and memories. that is so lovely and so true. Am going to be really conscious of that this coming week and try to enjoy every moment. xxx

  8. I think we are all praying this weather stays now! Have a great weekend, Mich x


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